How to re-construct EP copy of shipping bill

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We lost EP copy of shipping bill. Can we make duplicate copy. What is the procedures to get EP copy of shipping bill if lost. This is a one of the other common questions arises out of exporters.

Export Promotion copy of shipping bill is widely accepted by various authorities as one of the proofs of export. For the purpose of claiming export benefits, EP copy of shipping bill is a dare need without which the exporters can not claim such export benefits.

EP copy of shipping bill would have lost or withheld by their customs house agents due to any dispute on payment etc.
What is the procedures to reconstruct EP copy of shipping bill.

How to re-construct EP copy of shipping bill The exporter need to apply with customs authorities for permission to issue a duplicate copy of shipping bill. Necessary permission may be granted by the concerned customs officials if convinced and satisfied that such request is genuine and not fraudulent. Once after obtaining permission to reconstruct shipping bill, necessary reconstruction charges to be paid to customs as per tariff if any.


If shipment has been effected at the location where in no electronic filing system was available at the time of export, the customs authorities need to trace out the customs copy of shipping bill, as original shipping bill detached after completion of customs formalities and obtaining ‘let export order’. The customs authorities trace out original shipping bill which had been detached and submitted at the time of export. After tracing out customs copy of shipping bill, exporter need to construct a new set of shipping bill as a ‘true copy’ of original shipping bill traced out from customs. The customs department verifies the said reconstructed shipping bill with the original shipping bill traced out. Once after satisfying, the concerned customs officials signs and seals on the reconstructed shipping bills and delivers to exporter after keeping a copy of such reconstructed shipping bill with customs.


If the export has been effected in a customs location where in electronic filing was available, the copy of export shipping bill is taken out by referring shipping bill number and date of shipment.

Once after obtaining necessary permission for reconstruction of EP copy of shipping bill, the customs officials signs and seals on such shipping bill taken out electronically.

A reconstructed export promotion copy of shipping bill is acceptable in lieu of lost EP copy of shipping bill at all government agencies for any claim of export benefits.

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Dhanesh Shah: Good.

surbhi: Hi, for beginer this artical is very useful,pls guide me - that we export but EP copy is missing so i want photo copy of EP so what is the procedure, pls guide me. Thanks and regards surbhi

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