How to differentiate BL and HBL?

 How to differentiate BL and HBL?



What is the Difference between BL and HBL?
What is Bill of lading and how does bill of lading work?


Bill of lading is a document issued by sea carrier of goods on receipt of cargo to him from the shipper. Bill of lading is issued to shipper after completion of export customs clearance procedures at load port customs location of the country.
After completion of export customs formalities, shipper hands over cargo to sea shipping carrier or his agent. As proof of receipt of goods, sea carrier or his agent issues a document which is called bill of lading. Bill of lading is generally issued in triplicate with non negotiable copies. BL also is issued in quintuplicate on special request by shipper.

Once after obtaining original bill of lading from the sea carrier, shipper submits bill of lading with other documents with his bank, in turn bank sends to importer through How to differentiate BL and HBL importer’s bank. Importer collects bill of lading and other required documents from his bank and arranges for import customs clearance procedures. The shipper can surrender original bill of lading at load port where BL has been released and arranges to send a OBL release message to the counterpart office of sea carrier and advise them to release cargo without insisting for original bill of lading from consignee. The shipper also can release Seaway bill where in no original bill of lading procedures involved.

What is House Bill of Lading and how does HBL work?


HBL means House Bill of Lading issued by a freight forwarder on receipt of goods from shipper agreeing to deliver goods at destination.

A, a freight forwarder acts as a carrier legally accepts cargo from an exporter X agreeing to deliver cargo to Y at New York. A issues bill of lading to X on receipt of goods after necessary export customs formalities. A after receiving goods from X transfers goods to C who is a main carrier of goods. While transferring goods to C, A obtains a bill of lading from main carrier C agreeing to deliver cargo at New York. Here, the bill of lading issued by A to X is called house bill of lading.
How the goods are delivered in HBL and MBL transactions. Let us know the procedures under HBL and MBL.
A has their office counterpart at New York called B. C also has their counterpart in New York called D.
Once after arrival of goods at New York, D who represents on behalf of C delivers cargo to B who represents on behalf of A. B delivers goods to Y who is the consignee of X.
destination delivery order charges if any. If original House bill of lading was surrendered at load port, he confirms on such surrender of OBL and issues D.O.  Also read What happens if Date difference in HBL & MBL   Difference between MBL and HBL. How does MBL work and How does HBL?

I hope you have learned what is bill of lading and how does HBL work? Let me conclude below:

Bill of lading (BL) is a document, which is a proof of receipt of goods from shipper issued by sea carrier. If a freight forwarder, NVOCC or a consolidator involved in a shipment, such forwarder issues a document of receipt of goods to the final shipper which is called House bill of lading (HBL). In turn, said freight forwarder delivers goods to main sea carrier and obtains Master Bill of Lading (MBL).

All House Bills of Lading (HBL) are Bills of Lading, but all Bills of Lading need not be House Bills of Lading. Am I right?


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How to differentiate BL and HBL?
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Dilip Kumar Mallick: I have gone through the Article and it is easy to understand what is the disfference between the HBL & MBL. H'ver Being a freight Forwarder we are issuing HBL on behalf of our Destination Agent and in turn of said HBL, we the Freight forwarder obtains the Carrier BL which is Called MBL. Now the question is that can we ( Freight Forwarder) issue & sign HBL on behalf of Carrier ? An Example: Agelity is a Freight Forwarder & Maersk Line is Carrier. Now would anyone tell us whether Agility can issue/sign their HBL on behalf of Maersk Line ? Look forward to hear from you soon. Best Regards/

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Dilip KUmar Mallick, Your subject comes under Multimodel Transport Document Act. You may contact office of the Ministry of Shipping and Inland Transport

João Lubela: Thank you for this article. Many things i could learn.

Siraj Ansari: Dear Sir/Madam. We are exporter of Agricultural product. Our Remittance comes in Advance. Now Bank say we do not need FIRC or BRC . Please Tell me Is it not need of BRC for applied to MEIS scheme? Thanks Sir Siraj

atisha: Im shipping personal effets to africa. What documents myst the freight forwarder gove to me? Its a new experience for me. Help.4

K SESHA SAYANA REDDY: what is export and import rules and procedures under GST.

Sharayu Samrit: Can’t express my enough gratitude to you for sharing this golden content with your golden heart . Thank you so much for pouring all your time in doing this and giving us immense knowledge about everything in details. Thank you for being such an awesome coach. May god bless you with all you want. Thank you thank you thank you. Sending you tons of respect and gratitude??

Zoe Kontesidou: Can a Freight Forwarder issue & sign HBL on behalf of Carrier and mention the name of Carrier on the HBL under L/C request.

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