Difference between EP copy and EC copy of shipping bill

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Difference between EP copy and EC copy of shipping bill


Let us discuss about the difference between EC copy and EP copy of shipping bill .  What is Exchange Control copy of shipping bill and what is Export Promotion copy of shipping bill. What is the difference between exchange control copy of Shipping bill and export promotion copy of shipping bill. 

What is EC copy of shipping bill. How does Exchange Control Copy of Shipping Bill work?


Difference between EP copy and EC copy of shipping bill

The exporter or their customs house agent files necessary export documents with customs location where the cargo is moved to be exported. After completion of necessary export customs formalities at customs, Exporter copy and Exchange control copy are given back to exporter. Exporter retains export copy of shipping bill and submits exchange control copy with their authorized bank. The said exchange control copy is sent to Reserve Bank by authorized dealer bank to control foreign inward and outward remittance.


Submission of exchange control copy of shipping bill with exporter’s authorized bank is required at the location where no EDI facility is available where in exporter or his customs house agent files export documents manually. In a customs location where EDI is available, such exchange control copy of shipping bill is electronically transferred to Reserve Bank from respective Customs location immediately up on release of exchange control copy of shipping bill.


What is EP copy of shipping bill? How does Export Promotion copy of Shipping Bill work?


Exporter gets all benefits under exports from different government export promotion agencies only on the basis of export promotion shipping bills and other proof of export. In other words, among shipping bills, Government agencies accept only EP copy of shipping bill  as a proof of export. Why?



Difference between EP copy and EC copy of shipping bill 2 Immediately up on completion of export customs procedures exporter can obtain exporter copy and exchange control copy of shipping bill. However, export promotion copy of shipment is issued by customs only after ‘export’ takes place. Means, EP copy of Shipping bill is issued only after goods moved out of country.


After movement of goods out of country by shipping carrier either by air or sea, the carrier files EGM (export general manifest) with customs mentioning details of goods moved as per specified format. EGM filing is a legal and mandatory requirement as per customs rules. The details of vessel or aircraft in which the cargo moved, Shipping bill number and other details of goods are mentioned in the EGM. Once after filing EGM by shipping carrier who carried goods, the exporter or his customs house agent approaches concerned customs officials to release EP copy of shipping bill. Once after satisfying on the ‘export’ of goods mentioned in shipping bill after verifying with Export General Manifest (EGM), the customs official approves and confirms ‘export’ by releasing EP copy of shipping bill. This export promotion copy of shipping bill is used by exporters to produce at different government agencies for claiming export benefits along with other export document like BL/AWB etc.  Also read - How many types of shipping bills in exportCan DEEC/DEPB shipping bill be amended to Drawback


I hope, you got clarified the difference between export promotion copy of Shipping bill and exchange control copy of shipping bill.


I hope, I could differentiate EP copy of shipping bill with EC copy of Shipping bill. Would you like to share your experience in handling Exchange Control Copy of Shipping bill and Export Promotion copy of Shipping bill?



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Difference between EP copy and EC copy of shipping bill


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Dilip Bhatt: Really good clarification EP COPY, EXPORTER COPY AND EXCHANGE CONTROL COPY. Please give us latest ANF 2 for NEW IEC. Please clarify notification 6 dt. 26.06.12

Ahmed Saiat: Simple and easily understandable.

vinesh: In special economic zone, Shipping bill is printed in 5 copies, original, duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate and quinduplicate. I like to know to whom the authority to be shipping bills to be submited: 1. Original for/to............. 2.Duplicate for/to........... 3.Triplicate for/to............ 4.Quadruplicate for/to........... 5.Quin-duplicate for/to..........

Martin Chen : I would like to as you for your suggestions regarding a scenario. One shipment stuck in India customs due to wrong consignee showed in the AWB. This is originally a shipment from COUNTRY A for destination to COUNTRY B . But due to a mistake made by shipper's forwarder to show wrong consignee in the AWB and make booking to wrong destination to INDIA .Now this shipment is stuck in India customs due to wrong consignee showed in the AWB. The correct one should be COUNTRY B. Because of this carelessness, airline has moved this shipment to INDIA,BLR and might also have informed this incorrect consignee to do customs clearance. However, things turned out to be a mistake and now India customs official requested to move this shipment back to their origin export country.... This is is CIF shipment to COUNTRY B and COUNTRY A shipper's forwarder has made this mistake. Now, the question is what are the procedure to move this shipment directly to COUNTRY B instead of the customs in INDIA moving it back to COUNTRY A. Appreciate your input.

subramanian.v: I am very happy that I have got lot of experience about EC Copy and EP Copy difference through your explanation .Thank you very much.

Parthi: I am exporting wood charcoal to Bhutan, after exporting the goods could not get a shipping bill. Pls guide us, how to get it.

Parthiban: I'm exporter of wood charcoal to Bhutan. Couldn't get a shipping bill after exporting the goods. Guide me to get the bill.

RENU: debp copy means

raj kishor: great

RK: I feel very happy about clarification Thank you

Surendra Agarwal : I am stuck with a very typical problem and I seek advice . Our Company M/s Utkal Steels Limited was a Star Trading House once upon but subsequently due to untimely death of my father and family feud thereafter our company ran into huge losses resulting in big debts . We were also exporting Iron Ore Fines and we were allotted a dedicated plot within the Paradip Port for intermediate storage of the cargo prior to export . Since , the business was booming Paradip Port was not in a position to allot plots to all exporters and they also fixed a minimum guaranteed throughput for the exporters who were allotted plots within the port premises . They also fixed a regulation that iron ore fines can only be exported from Paradip Port by plot holders . Hence the shipping bill had to be essentially filed in the name of the plot holders . In order to circumvent this regulation the exporters who did not have a storage plot within the port would store the cargo in the plot of exporters who had plot within port premises and the following procedure was followed : - 01 . The shipping bill was filed in the name of the plot holder for the passing of which the plot holder used to submit Invoice and sale purchase contract . 02 . Although the shipping bill was in the name of the plot holder the cargo did not belong to the plot holder . 03 . After the cargo was exported the EP copy of the shipping bill was endorsed in favour of the cargo owner by the plot owner . 04 . The plot owner also used to give indemnity to the vessel owner to issue OBL in the name of the actual cargo owner . 05 . All charges pertaining to the shipment including wharfage , stevedoring , etc were also paid directly by the actual cargo owner . 06 . On the basis of the bill of lading , EP copy of shipping bill duly discharged by the plot holder in favour of the actual cargo owner , the cargo owner used to raise Invoice on Overseas buyer and realise the export proceeds through their bank . 07 . The plot holder has neither purchased the cargo , nor sold the cargo . Only their plot was used for the purpose of export due to which the shipping bill was filed in the name of the plot holder . Hence , the transaction is not recorded in the books of account of the plot holder . 08 . The Income Tax department retrieved these details of some such shipping bills from Paradip Port and issued a notice to the plot holder seeking explanation . We have submitted the copy of the Bill Of Lading along with Bank Realisation Certificate as well as a letter from the actual cargo owner confirming that they are exporters of cargo under the subject shipping bills and the proceeds have been realised by them . The plot holder has no other role except providing the plot . 09 . The department also sought clarification from Deputy Commissioner Of Customs ,at Paradip Port , who confirmed to the IT department that as per their records The PLOT HOLDER is the exporter . Now , the IT department is treating this as an undisclosed sale of the plot holder and raising a big demand . What plea should we take ? If you feel you can advise me on this matter please mail your contact details , enabling me to get in touch with you and explain the matter and understand your views on the same .

Krishnamoorthy Venkedaeamy : We have received an advance payment in US $ from the customer against this advance 40% (apex) the goods will be exported out of India rest of the materials will be supplied with in India where the said customer is doing their project. Does our supply made with in India to the said customer will be considered as Export if not how do we complete/fulfill the transaction with out export documents (SB/EP Copy/EC Copy etc.) Kindly guide us

Kumar Rajeeva: The details you are sharing is excellent stuff. I extend you my good wishes on brining such a nice information for trade & professional. Would request, if you can help me on getting the details IGM/EMG filled by different shipper for their exports and imports. We need the same to understand the business potential for certain region wrt cargo movement.

Santosh G Sutar: We newly entered in Export as a Merchant Exporter and as per latest notification which is come in to force from 1st April 2017, Customs depts. are not giving ECC & EP copies however our bank insisting for the same for knock of the foreign inward remittance against shipment made.

Madhav Gore: Dear Sir, please publish the procedure for scheme of jobbing under notification cus 32/97. The procedure to start export under this. Rgds Madhav Gore

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