Goods not allowed by courier to export to India


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Goods not allowed by courier to export to India


Is export of all types of goods by courier allowed? What are the goods not allowed to export through courier to India? Can I export Animals and Plants to India by courier? Can an Export Oriented Unit import goods to India by Courier? Is Perishable materials allowed to import through courier?


India government has restricted the following goods to import to India due torequirements of specific conditions to be fulfilled under any other Act or rule or regulation such as testing of samples etc. on reference to the relevant authorities or experts before their clearance. In these cases, due to additional compliance requirements, the assessment and clearance takes time. These goods, therefore, do not fit into the scheme, which envisages Customs clearance on a fast track basis. Further, air terminals and LCS are not equipped to handle certain goods.

Thus, in general the following categories of goods are not allowed import through the courier mode:

Goods not allowed by courier to export to India copy
1. Precious and semi precious cargo
2. Animals and plants
3. Perishables
4. Publications containing maps depicting incorrect boundaries of India;
5. Precious and semi precious stones, gold or silver in any form;
6. Goods under Export Promotion Schemes including EOU scheme;
7. Goods exceeding weight limit of 70 kgs. (individual packages) imported though courier under manual mode. However, under the electronic mode, no such restriction regarding weight has been provided.


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: alaudheen kajamoidheen : I want to start a new export firm. I read your articles posted on the website. clarify me whether ssi registration is also necessary for an export firm. please advise.

Admin: Hi Alaudheen kajamoidheen, SSI registration is not mandatory, if you do not claim any benefit under SSI scheme.

Chemsa Numukobwa Cheche : am doing Logistics management in university and as am working in a logistical company i would like you to advise me and show me the way of getting more about logistics.

Anton: Dear Sir IE code processing , how can we mention the products which we are going to im-export. can we change in future? can we mention the products generally. Tks Anton

K.Arvind: Can i export sea foods?

jayanthi: I have an enquiry regurding custom clearance of parcels coming from U.S.A to INDIA.I have doubts on that so want to clear it so that my parcels doesnot get lost away.The problem is i have ordered few home decoration items like specially international dolls which always arrived and reached to me specially from one particular seller from the POPULAR LEGIT site 'ETSY'.after that i ordered non precious fashionable rings where one or two arrived and the remaining 4 to 5 jwelleries never reached to me and this way i lost around 200 to 300 dollars which was pretty upsetting for i have few questions am marking it if you kindly help me in providing the answers i will be highly obliged to you sir. 1)WHY FEW PARCELS AM RECIEVING SMOOTHLY WITHOUT DELAY AND FEW PARCELS GETTING LOST LIKE THIS OR WHERE IS IT GOING? 2)WHAT ARE THE IMPORTANT THINGS NEEDED BY THE SELLER TO PROVIDE WHILE SENDING THE PARCEL FROM OTHER COUNTRY( SPECIALLY U.S.A)SO THAT I CAN GET THE PARCLE FOR SURE IN MY HANDS WITHOUT LOOSING IT? 3)WHERE DOES THE MAIN CUSTOM CHECKING GOES IN INDIA ?SO SHOULD I PROVIDE THE POST OFFICE ADDRESS IN THE PARCEL ADDRSS OR MY HOME HOMEADDRESS TO IT? PLEASE DO REPLY ONCE SIR.BECAUSE I ALREADY ORDERED FROM U.S A AND TOLD THE SELLER TO HAULT NOW FROM SENDING TILL I COLLECT ALL THE INFORMATION REGURDING THIS

sindu : i recently ordered 2 gold pendants worth $400 weighing 6.20 gms and fedex called me stating customs bangalore asking reason. i sent a letter explaining the reason for personal use and not for any commercial purpose. iam stuck not knowing what is next?

ramamohan: good info.

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