Functions of Certificate of Origin



Why Certificate of Origin?


Functions of Certificate of OriginA) Certificate of origin is required for availing concession under commonwealth preferences (CWP) as well as Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

B) It facilitates the importer to adhere to the rules and regulations of his country.

C) Customs in the importers country allow the concessional tariff only on production of this certificate

D) When goods from some countries are banned, importing country requires this certificate to ensure that goods banned countries are not entering into the country.

E) Exporting country may insist on this certificate to ensure that the goods imported are not reshipped again.


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Deepak Gera : I came across your articles in relation to Export / Imports. I was particularly interested in understanding more about the Certificate of Origins. I am involved in Solar PV industry and involved in setting up a power project in Saudi Arabia. As part of the requirements of project implementation, I have to maximize the local content (i.e locally generated project components / services etc). As an evidence of this, we have to procure Certificate of Origin that we understand is given by Ministry of Commerce and Investment, KSA. I wanted to know more about this topic more generally.

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