GST TRP 1A For Acknowledgement Receipt


Acknowledgement Receipt GST TRP 1A


Please reconfirm the correctness of below mentioned GST form with GST authorities.


GST TRP 1A is arranged to use for Acknowledgement Receipt


The pdf format of GST TRP 1A for Acknowledgement Receipts  given below to click and download:


Download GST TRP 1A in pdf format:    GST –TRP 1 A.pdf



Government of…….

Department of ……

Form GST –TRP 1 A

[See Rule ……]

Acknowledgement Receipt

Application Reference Number (ARN)

Your application has been successfully filed against <Acknowledgement Reference Number>

The status of the Application can be viewed through “Track Application Status” at dash board on the GST Portal.

Form No.


Form Description :


Date of Filing


Time of filing


Name of the Applicant :


Centre Jurisdiction


State Jurisdiction :


Filed by

: (Name of the Applicant TRP)


It is a system generated acknowledgement and does not require any signature.


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