Process of application for registration under GST Act to obtain GSTIN

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Update on 17th June, 2017:

According to GST portal:

1. If you are a Taxpayer having received Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN):
    You should be able to download the Provisional Registration Certificate from "Download Certificates" at GST website from 27th June 2017.

2. If you are a Taxpayer, who has saved the enrolment form with all details but has not submitted the same with DSC, E-Sign or EVC:
    You will receive the ARN at your registered email ID, if the data given are successfully validated after 27th June 2017.
    In case of validation failure (data like PAN not matching), you should be able to login at the same portal from 27th June 2017 onwards and correct the errors. You can refer 
    the registered email for details of the errors.

3. If you are a Taxpayer, who has partially completed the enrolment form:
    You can login at the portal on the above mentioned date and complete the rest of the form.

4. If you are not an existing Taxpayer and wish to register newly under GST
    You would be able to apply for new registration at the GST portal from 25th June 2017.


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How is registration number for GSTIN issued by authorities?


(The information given here is valid only after introduction of GST likely to be in 2016 and also subjected to changes by GST law drafting committee and other authorities)


The mechanism behind issue of GSTIN number under GST Act.

Process of application for registration under GST Act to obtain GSTINIf applicant files application through the Facilitation Center, then the above procedure shall be followed by him through the FC by making available the requisite documents to the FC. The User ID and Password of taxable person will however be forwarded by portal to the e-mail furnished by the taxable person (that of primary authorized signatory) and by SMS to the mobile number furnished by taxable person or by post, if the taxable person so desires. It will not be sent to FC.


The GST common portal shall carry out preliminary verification / validation, including real-time PAN validation with CBDT portal, Adhaar No validation with UIDAI, CIN (Company Identification) with MCA and other numbers issued by other Departments through inter-portal connectivity before submission of the application form. Taxpayers would have the option to sign the submitted application using valid digital signatures (if the applicant is required to obtain DSC under any other prevalent law then he will have to submit his registration application using the same). In the absence of digital signature, taxpayers would have to send a signed copy of the summary extract of the submitted application form printed from the portal to a central processing center to be operated by GSTN. The location details of this central processing center would be intimated to the applicant along with the application acknowledgement number. The application will be processed even without waiting for receipt of the signed copy of the summary extract. If the signed copy is not received within 30 days, a reminder will be sent through e-mail and SMS to the authorized signatory through the portal. If the copy is not received within 30 days after such reminder being sent, the system will prompt the concerned tax authority to initiate the action for cancellation of the registration. Such cancellation will have prospective effect i.e. from the date of cancellation. GST portal would acknowledge the receipt of application for registration and issue an Acknowledgement Number which could be used by the applicant for tracking his application. Such Acknowledgement Number would not contain the details of jurisdictional officers.


The application form will be passed on by GST portal to the IT system of the concerned State/ Central tax authorities for onward submission to appropriate jurisdictional officer (based on the location of the principal place of business) along with the following information –


(1) Uploaded scanned documents;

(2) State specific data and documents;

(3) Details if the business entity is already having registration in other States.

(4) Details of the PAN(s) of individuals mentioned in the application which are part of the other GST registrations;

(5) Acknowledgment number

(6) Details of any record of black-listing or earlier rejection of application for common PAN(s).

(7) Last day for response as per the 3 common working day limit for both tax authorities as set out through Holiday Master.


On receipt of application in their respective system, the Centre / State authorities would forward the application to jurisdictional officers who shall examine whether the uploaded documents are in order and respond back to the common portal within 3 common working days, excluding the day of submission of the application on the portal, using the Digital Signature Certificates.


An indicative process for processing of the application by the concerned tax authorities will be drafted and shared separately. Submission of latitude and longitude data in respect of principal place of business will be of help in automatic identification of jurisdictional officer in case of geographically distributed officials mapped on a digital map. However, submission of latitude and longitude would be optional.


After verification, the following situations are possible:


(1) If the information and the uploaded documents are found in order, the State and the Central authorities shall approve the application and communicate the approval to the common portal within 3 common working days. The portal will then automatically generate the Registration Certificate.


(2) If during the process of verification, one of the authorities raises some query or notices some error, the same shall be communicated to the applicant either by the Tax Authority directly or through the GST Common Portal and also simultaneously to the other authority and to the GST Common Portal within 3 common working days. The applicant will reply to the query / rectify the error / answer the query within a period informed by the concerned tax authorities (Normally this period would be seven days). A separate sub-process and interactive form for this purpose will have to be designed. On receipt of additional document or clarification, the relevant tax authority will respond within 7 common working days. (time-period that would be allowed to the applicant for rectification of any error will be decided by the GST Law drafting committee)


(3) Thereafter the processing of registration application will commence resulting in either grant of registration or refusal to grant registration. If either of the two authorities (Centre or State) refuses to grant registration, the registration will not be granted.


(4) In case registration is refused, the applicant will be informed about the reasons for such refusal through a speaking order. The applicant shall have the right to appeal against the decision of the Authority. A deeming provision to the effect that rejection of the registration application by one authority amounts to rejection by both Centre and State will need to be incorporated in the GST law.


(5) The tax authorities in the Centre and State would have a period of 3 common working days to respond to the application, either conveying approval or raising a query. In case any of the authority neither reject the application nor raise a query within 3 common working days, then the registration would be deemed to have been approved by both the authorities and the GST Common Portal will automatically generate the registration certificate. In case either authority raises a query within 3 common working days, applicant will have to respond to the same within next 7 common working days failing which the application will be rejected. After the applicant has responded to the query raised by any authority, a period of another 7 common working days will be given to the authorities to respond to the application. In case any of the authority neither rejects the application nor raises a query during this period, then the registration would be deemed to have been approved by both the authorities and the GST Common Portal will automatically generate the registration certificate. ( GST law to have provision for the same)


The applicant shall be informed of the fact of grant or rejection of his registration application through an e-mail and SMS by the GST common portal. Jurisdictional details would be intimated to the applicant at this stage.


In case registration is granted, applicant can download the Registration Certificate from the GST common portal. GST law may provide that GST Registration certificate shall be displayed at the principal place of business of the taxpayer.


The GST common portal will provide a risk profile to the tax authorities based on the risk parameters made available by the tax authorities. The Central/State tax authorities will also have their own risk profile based on their own risk parameters. It was noted that submission of Adhaar No. cannot be made compulsory. Non –submission of Adhaar No. could be one of the risk parameters for deciding about the post registration physical verification. On the basis of both risk profiles, the jurisdictional officer of tax authorities will take a decision about post registration verification of the application if so provided in the GST Law.


GST Law Drafting Committee may provide for appropriate provision for imposition of substantial penalty in cases of fraudulent registrations.

Click here for : A complete guide for enrolling with GST common portal for registration in India

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