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RBI on T+1 basis

GST Tax receipts transaction reported by Bank to RBI but not to GSTN (CIN included in luggage file but CIN not reported to GSTN):

 In case of payment through internet banking (Mode I), this seems to be an unlikely scenario, as all payments will be processed at the Core Banking Solution (CBS) of the concerned e-FPB of authorized bank and therefore the compiled data that it reports to RBI on T+1 basis will be nothing but the compilation of data (CIN) already reported by e-FPB of authorized bank on real time basis to GSTN. This discrepancy may however arise due to communication failure even after the prescribed rounds of pinging.

 This discrepancy can arise in other modes of payment (Mode II and III), because the payment cycle is not a single workflow, is spread over a longer period of minimum two days and requires participation of various banking officials even though the entire cycle is supposed to be done on the IT system customized for GST payments.

 Such a discrepancy will be detected by GSTN when it undertakes a reconciliation of the challan details (CIN) of a day available with it with the e-scroll of the same day received from RBI on T+1 basis. In such cases, the correction mechanism will involve the following steps:

 i) If CPIN and associated data reported in the scrolls received from RBI matches with GSTN’s CPIN data, GSTN can forward the entire challan details of that CPIN to the concerned Accounting Authorities with a copy to Tax Authorities. There will not be any need for MOE in such case. The Accounting Authorities will carry out the accounting based on scroll data received from RBI and tally it with the challan data (CIN) now received from GSTN. GSTN would also update the taxpayer’s cash ledger after confirming the payment from the authorized bank / RBI;

 ii) If e-FPB of an authorized bank has reported a transaction to RBI in GST luggage file, without it being a GST transaction or without realization of the amount, it should take up such cases for refund outside the MOE process as a more comprehensive verification will be needed before allowing the refund. For minimizing this kind of error, the bank’s IT system should have validations/controls mentioned in para 85 above;

 iii) Only if the CPIN and associated data in the scroll does not match with GSTN’s data there will be a need for MOE. That will be type c) error, discussed in the paragraph below. In those cases, the Accounting Authority should create MOE with a UIN and communicate it to RBI with a copy to e-FPB of the concerned authorized bank. (The Accounting Authorities will identify the concerned bank on the basis of bank code contained in the CIN reported against the successful CPIN in the e-scroll received from RBI).

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