How to get GSTIN? (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number)


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GST Exemption list of goods and services


Update on 17th June, 2017:

According to GST portal:

1. If you are a Taxpayer having received Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN):
    You should be able to download the Provisional Registration Certificate from "Download Certificates" at GST website from 27th June 2017.

2. If you are a Taxpayer, who has saved the enrolment form with all details but has not submitted the same with DSC, E-Sign or EVC:
    You will receive the ARN at your registered email ID, if the data given are successfully validated after 27th June 2017.
    In case of validation failure (data like PAN not matching), you should be able to login at the same portal from 27th June 2017 onwards and correct the errors. You can refer 
    the registered email for details of the errors.

3. If you are a Taxpayer, who has partially completed the enrolment form:
    You can login at the portal on the above mentioned date and complete the rest of the form.

4. If you are not an existing Taxpayer and wish to register newly under GST
    You would be able to apply for new registration at the GST portal from 25th June 2017.


Click here to read new guidelines for GST registration documents


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What is Goods and Service Tax (GST)

GST, frequently asked Questions


Registration to obtain GSTIN as per Goods and Service Tax Act


(The information given here is valid only after introduction of GST likely to be in 2016 and also subjected to changes by GST law drafting committee and other authorities)


Registration of a business with the tax authorities implies obtaining a unique identification code from the concerned tax authorities so that all the operations of and data relating to the business can be agglomerated and correlated. In any tax system this is the most fundamental requirement for identification of the business for tax purposes or for having any compliance verification program. Registration under How to get GSTIN Goods and Service Tax Identification NumberGoods and Service Tax (GST) regime will confer following advantages to the business:


a. Legally recognized as supplier of goods or services.


b. Proper accounting of taxes paid on the input goods or services which can be utilized for payment of GST due on supply of goods or services or both by the business.


c. Pass on the credit of the taxes paid on the goods or services supplied to purchasers or recipients.


However, such person with all-India gross annual turnover below the threshold turnover would be allowed to take registration, if he wants to. By taking such voluntary registration he can enter the credit chain even prior to crossing the threshold limit, provided he does not opt for the Compounding scheme.


Click here to know GST rate on Goods and Services

GST Exemption list of goods and services

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How to get GSTIN? (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number)

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Click here to read new guidelines for GST registration documents

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