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UTR under GST


The details about Unique Transaction Reference number (UTR) and UTR under GST are explained here.  

Unique Transaction Reference number (UTR):

UTR is Unique Transaction Reference number that is generated in RTGS system for uniquely interestingly recognizing any exchange. The arrangement of UTR is predefined and is produced by the bank starting the exchange.

The arrangement is:


Where XXXX is the bank code. For eg. SBI's bank code is SBIN.

An is the framework identifier. The conceivable esteems are 'P' - for exchanges produced in RTGS interface/application or 'H' - for exchanges created in Bank's host framework,

YY is two digit year. 10 for 2010.

DDD is Julian date. 032 for Feb 1.

999999 is 6 digit succession number.

Anybody can track-back the RTGS exchange utilizing UTR number.

When you allude your installment to the collector, please utilize the UTR number.

Pertinence of UTR in GST:

The tolerant bank should gather the GST including charges for doing NEFT/RTGS settlement. The sum demonstrated as GST sum for settlement ought to be exchanged by the remitter bank to the assigned record of the administration in RBI. For the best possible ID of the exchange, there ought to be a Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) that ought to be passed on alongside record subtle elements to RBI. The remitter bank should likewise specify the CPIN in the NEFT/RTGS order as a component of the Account Name. The Remarks field might say 'GST Payment'.


Upon fruitful finishing of the exchange toward the finish of the remitter bank, the remitter will get a receipt enumerating Unique Transaction Reference (UTR). Citizen ought to from that point login back to GSTN entryway and refresh the challan subtle elements with Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) gave by the remitter bank to NEFT/RTGS exchange. A substitute SMS based office for such refreshing by the citizen (rather than web based) might be set up by GSTN to encourage those citizens who don't have a web get to. On receipt of the exchange number, GSTN will convey this Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) (for the relating CPIN) likewise to RBI on constant premise.


Once the RBI gets the installment in its record with NEFT/RTGS message, it will interface up the installment with the CPIN prior got from GSTN and report the exchange to GSTN on continuous premise through an electronic string which will contain the accompanying subtle elements:


  1. CIN (CPIN and Bank Code of RBI);
  2. GSTIN;
  3. Challan Amount;
  4. BRN of RBI;
  5. Unique Transaction Reference (UTR);
  6. Time of Payment;
  7. Date of Payment.


Endless supply of the electronic string in regards to effective culmination of the exchange by GSTN, the duty paid challan will be credited to the money record of the citizen. The GSTN will from that point bolt the CIN with the goal that it can't be utilized once more.

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