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Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority(APEDA)

Office Address:

3rd Floor, NCUI Building

3, Siri Institutional Area

August Kranti Marg (Opp. Asiad Village)

New Delhi-110 016

Tel : 011-26513204/23514052/23534191

Fax : 011-26534870

E-mail: headq@apeda.com Website Address: http://apeda.gov.in/ or http://agriexchange.apeda.gov.in/

Products Handling:

Fruits, Vegetable and their products

Meat and meat products

Poultry and poultry products

Dairy products Confectionary, biscuits and bakery products

Honey, jiggery and sugar products

Cocoa and its products, chocolates of all kinds

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Cereals and cereals products

Groundnuts, peanuts and walnut

Pickles, chutneys and papads Guar Gum Floriculture and floriculture products

Herbal and medicinal plants

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Agri Exchange is the name given to the Trade portal. An attempt, first of its kind has been endeavored by APEDA, Govt. of India, where online trading is the specialty. In its stride, joint collaboration of UNCTAD and Ministry of Agriculture has given the portal a shape. Globally buyers and sellers in the Agri business world has been given a platform to offer negotiate and transact a deal. Apart from this, it has been loaded with latest statistics pertaining to India and the world.

APEDA copyFoundation of the portal has been developed on the statistics. Whichever country is in the Agri has been taken into account. Reliable data sources like UN Comtrade, FAO and DGCIS has been used. Regular updation related to the statistics is done. Up to date information on the 612 products (approx.) related to APEDA and products does not falls under the purview of APEDA has been hosted. Information on the SPS Measures of different countries, MRLs, Country Profile, Service providers in the Agri export business and Market news has also became an integral part of the portal.

Agri Exchange thrives to provide information matching the needs of the stakeholders of the Agricultural Economy in general and Agricultural Commodities trade in particular. The only vision is to cater the Agri business community and see them growing day and day by taking the benefit of the portal.

Buyers are those from foreign countries who wish or intent to import Indian products (Agri in this case). For these importers, Indian Agri Exchange furnishes all the details required. It starts from Agri Products Gallery, Exporters Directory, Export / Import statistics, and list of Importing countries, State wise Production and statistics, Quality measures, Logistics, buy / sell leads which are required for Importers. Agri Exchange is an Agri trading platform developed and portrayed by APEDA, Government of India. Hence, it acts as a one stop solution for Indian Agri commodity importers to get the awareness about the current scenario of Agri products in the country to facilitate them to take a view for sourcing Agri products from India to ease their import hassles.Read more

Click here to know APEDA benefits to Exporters


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Click here to know APEDA benefits to Exporters

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No need to pay GST on Fresh Aquatic invertebrates

No GST on purchase of Crustaceans cooked

Nil rate of GST on sale of milk and cream

Zero rate of GST on sale of pasteurised milk

Zero percentage of GST on sale of Fresh Milk

Nil tariff of GST on sale of separated milk

Nil rate of GST on sale of Lassi

No GST payable on sale of butter milk

GST percentage on Ghee

Nil tariff GST on sale of Curd

No need to pay GST on sale of cooked eggs

No need to pay GST on sale of Birds eggs in shell

Zero rate of GST on sale of fresh eggs

Nil rate tariff of GST on sale of preserve eggs

GST amount of rate on Natural honey business

GST rate on sale or purchase of Malt extract

Nil rate tariff of GST on Plant Bulbs

No need to pay GST on crowns

No need to pay GST on sale of corms

No GST on sale of chicory plants and roots

Zero rate of GST on sale of flower buds suitable for bouquets

Zero rate of GST on sale of flower buds

Waived GST on purchase of flower buds for ornamental purposes

No GST payable on sale of Cut flowers for bouquets

No need pays GST on sale of Cut flowers

Zero percent GST on purchase of Cut flowers for ornamental purposes

Nil rate tariff of GST on sale of mosses and lichens, suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes

Zero rate of GST on sale of jar booty

Zero rate of GST on sale of grasses, suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes

Nil tariff of GST on sale of Foliage branches and other parts of plants

Nil tariff GST on sale of dry plant

No need to pay GST on purchase of dry flower

No need paying GST on sale of Potatoes

Nil tariff GST on sale of Tomatoes

Nil tariff of GST on sale of leeks and alliaceous vegetables



sumathi ayyalusamy : We are engaged in exporting of fresh products.We need few clarifications regarding APEDA. 1.Is subsidy really provided by APEDA? 2.Have anyone received the subsidy / benefits so far??

JOTHI BASU: Hello sir, My name is jothibasu from chennai, my company name is jothiinternational. merchandise exporter. Please kindly get me export order for me. i awaiting for your replly ASAP. Thanks & Regards N.Jothi Basu Jothi International

padmapriya: Sir,am interested in export business,but how to process it plz give any guide lines

j.suresh-proprietor,shri manonmani exports: which country import lists in vigna radiata?(mung bean,green gram) please sent the country buyers list thanks


sanket shah : I have gone through your blog and its really helpful to large extent for getting information on various subjects of export. Am a beginner in the field band am involved with cultivation of herbal products like stevia, ashwagandha, shatavari and such which I want to export. How can I find overseas buyer with the help of APEDA.? Or any other agency? What insurance I need to cover? How can I send export sample and which payment term is desirable?

sangram rasal : I would like to start the agriculture food export business. I am basically from Maharashtra. I have import/export license. I have selected following products to export. 1) Onion 2)Ginger 3)Drumsticks Can you help me how to proceed further?

VISHAL BHESANIYA: I would like to know the name of country who import spices with spices name is it possible to have brief details? I really appreciate if you could help me with above information.

rakesh prasad dubey: Sir our product organic scented kala namak rice and scented javaphool rice 30+15 kuntals,our registration c1 today,if ani intrested tell me our email

Baswaraj zille: Green yellow red capsicum export

Gurjinder Singh : Hello, I am from Punjab,We have ready crop of green chili,ladyfingers and capsicum .anybody interested contact me.

Vishal: I have started textile import business.I would like to start dry fruits import export. Can someone provide business plan for same?

Nambu: I need help.... How to identify the buyers from APEDA. Already I have registered with APEDA as a member.. Looking for Support... Regards, Nambu

Aunali Bhurani : I live in Mahuva (Gujarat) This place is one of the biggest producer of Onion and Groundnuts. there are many exporters who are into this business. I need your help regarding, Can I export these products as a trader. I do not carry any factory or Warehouse. I know many international buyers who can purchase my products. please assist with me with my below queries. 1. Can I export as a Trader ( I buy the Onions/groundnuts from market and pack it into container for export) 2. Which are the mandatory government registrations required to export these products. 3. Can I get APEDA ( I heard that for obtaining APEDA one must require factory warehouse as per rules and regulation of APEDA, but I wish to export these just as a trader. 4. How much cost is involved in this registrations and for initial setup.

Rajani R Kamble: Hallo sir, I am Rajani R Kamble, From R K Exporter Belagavi, Karnataka. Want to start export Agriculture products like ginger, turmaric, onion, cereals, rabit meat & All indian food products etc. Please get me export order. Already got RCMC NO from APEDA at 6 month back. I am waiting for reply. Thank you. From RKExporter.

Rajani R Kamble: Hallo sir, I am Rajani R Kamble, From R K Exporter Belagavi, Karnataka. Want to start export Agriculture products like ginger, turmaric, onion, cereals, rabit meat & All indian food products etc. Please get me export order. Already got RCMC NO from APEDA at 6 month back. I am waiting for reply. Thank you. From RKExporter.

Vimalan: Hi Sir, I would like to export food products. currently am in chennai. could you please provide me the answer for the below questions. 1. What are the benefits i get it from APEDA? 2. What are the training available to export food products? 3. What are things need to be done before exporting? What adherence to be done. 4. When to get help from APEDA and contacts number? As we are not at Bangalore. could you please guide me to this export world. Thanks, Vimalan

winson: Dear sir/madam, i am winson from Manipur, i have been searching for interested person in BUYING or exporting a QUEEN variety pineapple, grown organically and chemical free from the state of Manipur. having said that it is organically grown, we still have no Organic certificate but honestly we can guarantee 100% free chemical, right now we have around 4000 MT of pineapple. the months of june,july,august is the season but transportation for us is the biggest challenge therefore if any body is interested for the same we look forward for your help and support in fulfilling the most needs of the local pineapple growers of manipur.

Dr.Sakthi Nagarajan: Dear sir/madam, i am sakthi nagaraj from salem.I would like to export jaggery products..We are providing demonstration for cultivation of organic sugarcane and production of the jaggery products. Please kindly get me export order for us..We are waiting for reply. Thank you. From SPA EXPORTS.

Channappa N: Dear sir I am Channappa from saundatti karnataka and We are in the field of pickles and chatney buainesa now i would like to these products kindly share the process of regiatration process and buyer deatails.

Chidambaram Rathinam : Without bank certificate how can I get is there any possibility to get RCMC.I am in position of my Exports License. Thanks Chidambaram Rathinam

Navigo Exim: This website is provide very useful information for new exporter and start international business.

Malge Anantro : Hello sir I am Anantrao Malge , i need help How to export watermelons in my farm..

benjamen mwangi gakuru: am benjamin from kenya, am looking market for arabica gum . any client online

Suresh S: I planned to buy some of local food products like honey, organic items, ghee, country palm sugar and oil seeds like ground nut, sesame oil seed to export Malaysia, whether APEDA certificate is required, i am not producer or manufacture of any food products, kindly advice

kanniah: for export

kanniah: how to export jasmine flower to usa

K.sethurajan.: Non basmatirice .. fresh vegetables... Fob chennai port...cif rates .. plese contacting...

harshit agrawal: sir i am manufacturer of gram flour (besan) i want to export my product in nepal please give me importer list of nepal thanks,

Manoj: Organic & processed fruits, vegetables. Medicinal herbs organic want export manager urgently

radadiyadkumar : Hello we are exporting in uk and usa only now we are a decide to work with global market we are not Huge company we are a midiuam company in global markets we are starting our Agro Food products exporting to india.and growing our business thats why we need a good broker to selling our product. Do you provide us to good broker for global markets

Green Cross: We Green Cross Life Sciences is the start-up company based at Vadodara, Gujarat state of India. Basically we are in the field of agriculture products. We wish to import a few materials from Spain and do the retail selling in Gujarat for which we have a strong setup. We have already identified the manufacturer and closed the deal with them, now we are looking for a consultant who can support us to transport the material from Spain to India. We have basic registration like Pan card, IEC, GST ect. but we need an end to end solution in terms of documentation, custom clearance as well as transportation to avoid legal issues.

ken: I have completed my Export Trainings from Indian Merchants Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai and I am a Registered. Exporter selected Products for Exports to Overseas Buyers especially of High-Quality Vegetables, Fruits, Onions, Spices, Honey, Basmati Rice, Artificial Jewellery, Handicrafts, etc. I am hopefully to receive positive enquirers and Requirements from our Overseas Buyers for above products. Now my concern is to get Suppliers to meet my future requirements, for which I am sourcing for Reliable and Honest Suppliers from places like Nasik, Sangli for Agro Products details of Actual farmers to contact for Mixed Vegetables, Onions and fruits like pomegranates, grapes, etc. for which I am needing your guidance and help for the same.Suppliers of Spices from Kerala & Andhra Pradesh, etc. Please provide me the details of Actual Suppliers of the all above products so that the Middleman commission could be eliminated, which would be highly beneficial to be a success in exports.

mohit: I recently have gone through your Online Import Export guide. It is quite comprehensive and informative. On a similar note, I am writing to you, on the behalf of Agro Marketing Cooperative Society .From our network of farmers, We want to export vegetables to the Gulf Countries. We require guidance and consulting for the same. Please provide your contact details so that we can discuss further it in detail.

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