TEPC,Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council


Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council(TEPC)


Office Address:

Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council
Gate No.5, Khurshid
Lal Bhawan, Janpath,
New Delhi-110 001
Tel: 011-2331 4611
Fax: 011-2331 4611
E-mail: tepc@telecomepc.in
Website Address: http://www.telecomepc.in/


Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC) has been set up by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India to promote and develop of Export of Telecom Equipment’s and Services. With the formation of the council, it can undertake several activities aimed at export promotion such as Commissioning of Studies to find potential markets, holding of National/International Seminars and facilitating participation of exporters in various overseas exhibitions. The council would also be able to disseminate trade related data to its members. The council also make TEPC,Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Councilvarious recommendations to the Government for making necessary changes in various policies and procedures for promotion of Exports and Services.

The activities of the Council are manifold and in addition to direct marketing, structured promotional events are organized on a regular basis so as to create awareness on the capability of Indian telecom exporters. The various promotional activities carried out on a regular basis are product & services specific delegation to select countries, exclusive Indian TEPC Exhibition, country participation in Specialized Trade Fairs, Catalogue Show, Buyer-Seller Meets, Product Specific Seminars and Conferences - both in India and abroad.


To promote and accentuate Telecom Exports from India. To Create a healthy environment for growth of Telecom Ecosystem including Manufacturing & Services Sector in India. To encourage both private and overseas Investments in India under Foreign Direct Investment. To encourage Strategic Alliances, MOUs, Technical/Financial collaborations to boost trade. To Create local IPRs & R&D Labs and engaging them into marking World Class products. Read more


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Paul Richards : I am Paul Richards of Segers Trading Limited, with offices in EU and Middle East. We are in the telecoms wholesale industry.Recently I have an export opportunity which I need help with . It is do with reverse logistics of used telecoms items ( used by end consumer ) that the larger India retailers want to move out of India.May I please request that I have your permission to give a brief overview ( I wish to explain on the telephone ) before going too far down the line, so we can both establish if we can work together in this matter.

Bramnha Prakash Tiwari : Greetings! I am founder and CEO of MTT Telcom Pvt. Ltd. Based out of Mumbai. We are a design house and brand owner of MTT. We design and develop digital mobile accessories.We get those products manufactured in China and Korea. Recently we started doing amazon.com business. I need to sought your help to find legal way to send the material directly to US from china while keeping laws of india. 1. Foreign remittances to china/korea supplier from indian bank 2. Shipment moving directly from china to US How to handle this kind of transactions?

Bharat Amla : I will seek further advise form you as I am intending to import telecom equipment from US. The equipment will be new and I need to know if we require prior permissions or authorisations from DGFT or MoEF to bring in such items.

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