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What type of duties can be paid using MEIS or SEIS scrips now? Can we use these scrips to pay GST?


The duty credit scrips cannot be used for payment of IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax) and GST compensation cess in imports, and CGST, SGST, IGST and GST compensation cess for domestic procurement.


For items covered under the GST, scrips can be used for payment of Basic Custom Duty,Safeguard Duty, Transitional Product Specific Safeguard Duty, and Antidumping Duty.


For items not covered under the GST (specified in Fourth Schedule to Central Excise Act 1944 covering specified petroleum products, tobacco etc.), in addition to the Basic Custom Duty, Safeguard Duty, Transitional Product Specific Safeguard Duty, and Antidumping Duty, scrips can also be used for payment of duties like central excise, CVD/ SAD.


The scrips cannot be used for payment of any type of GST.


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Anil Jhaveri: Dear Sir, I want to sell MEIS Authorisation. What HSN Code should I write in my sale invoice ? Regards, Anil

rajesh: We are manufacturer exporter. We have exported 4 containers to Russia against advance payment last year. Due to some specification issue, buyer wants us to replace the material from three container and a few boxes from one container. We have taken MEIS benefit of 4%, and taken iGst. Now goods are being return back to india, which will be reproduced and repacked in the same quantity with correct specification and will be re-exported to same buyer. Do we need to return MEIS benefits and iGST? Will it be treated as import? Or Is there any possibility that we can bring the container under bond to Customs and then re-export the goods. There is no financial transaction involved in replacement of goods, we are replacing same material, same quantity as exported to the buyer. We need your guidance, How we can send the goods back to the buyer after changing the specification. Without incurring losses and losing trust of customs.

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