No Import customs duty changes under Chapter 01 to 24

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Budget 2015-16, Import duty changes under Chapter 01 to 24: no changes under indian budget 2015-16


budget16 copyIndian Union Budget has been declared today (28th February, 2015) and the import customs duty and excise duty changes also declared.


As per the union budget 2015-16,  there is no changes in import duty for import of goods under HS code (ITC) chapter 01 to 24.


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Indian Budget 2015-16, Import Customs Duty Changes, chapter wise 

Indian Budget 2015-16, Central Excise Duty Changes, chapter wise

 Service Tax Changes as per Indian Union Budget 2015-16


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Eswara Rao: I am planning to bring Supra 32" LED TV from Dubai to India. Can you please guide me with the Custom duty, so that I will come prepared for the same and avoid unnecessary stress at the airport? I prefer to pay the custom duty, if any, rather than fuelling bribery. If Possi ble, please try to send the tariff attachment showing the actual calculations. Your time, help and guidance is highly appreciated and will benefit not only me but the entire Overseas citizens of India. Awaiting your kind response.

Madhusoodanan: After importing one instrument, we wanted to export to our international clients.Came to know BOND and DEBOND procedure, so that legally we can avoid paying CUSTOMS duty etc. Let me know if there is any such procedure,so that our client will be benefitted.Can u give me reference of agency in Mumbai, who can guide on this issue.

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