Risk Management System under MEIS and SEIS


Risk Management System under MEIS and SEIS


EXIM policy OF INDIA 2015-20The policy relating to Risk Management System is given in Paragraph 3.19 of Foreign Trade Policy.

The Computer System in DGFT HQ, on random basis, will select 10% of cases for each RA which has issued scrips in the preceding month by 10th of the month. The list of such selected cases will be sent to concerned RA by NIC by 15th of the month. Concerned RA, will in turn, ask for the original documents by 30th of the month for examination in detail. The applicant shall be under obligation to submit the document asked for in the next 15 days. Concerned RA in turn will examine such documents in next 15 days. In cases, there is any deficiency the applicant shall rectify it in next one month from the date of communication by RA. In case of excess availment of rewards, the applicant shall refund the excess claim with interest as prescribed in paragraph 3.19 of FTP. In case the applicant fails to submit the original documents/ rectify the deficiencies / refund the excess claim as stipulated above, RA will initiate action as per FTDR Act and Rules. 


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Mahesh: Dear all we mentioned the MEIS declaration in remark column on shipping bill & showed full MEIS declaration but there on the shipping bill rewarded item showing "NO" instead of "YES". So our query is would we able to receive MEIS benefit without "YES" at rewarded item. if we are not able to take benEfit of MEIS than what should we do to take benefit of MEIS..?

ramesh kumar: this is case of amendment in shipping bill,please write a letter to commissioner of custom (port of export )stating the condition. on your request custom will amend the details and EDI SECTION custom will correct amend in their system "yes"INSTEAD OF "no" then you will be take MEIS incentive. Regards, ramesh kumar exim consultants

Aravind: Dear Sir, We have almost ready with MEIS file to submit but file is ñot available to apply, after we came to know that file is expired. Now we try to create new file and add shipping bill.it saying "shipping bill is used" Please help me to reapply. Thanks in advance

Senthil: Sir we are filling SB without rewards from 2015 to 2017 it is poosibile for claiming MEIS or please suggest the solutions.

SAMUEL: sir we are export one shipment DBK,LUT, MEIS,used for scheme same items failurecoming back to repair purpose what ??

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