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Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics EPC (CHEMEXCIL)


Office Address:

Jhansi Castle,4th Floor
7 Cooperage Road
Mumbai-400 001.
Tel: 022-22021288/22021330 /22825861
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Products handling:

Dyes, Dye-Intermediates, Coal Tar Chemicals and Alcohol
Basic Inorganic and Organic Chemicals including Agro Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals
Cosmetics and Toiletries, Essential Oils & Perfumery Compounds
Castor Oil & it's derivatives
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Basic chemicals and their related products (petrochemicals, fertilizers, paints, varnishes, glass, perfumes, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, etc.) form a very significant part of the Indian economy and account for about 3 per cent of India's GDP. Among the most diversified industrial sectors, it covers an array of more than 70,000 commercial products. The Indian chemical industry stands as the third largest producer in Asia and 12th in world, in terms of volume. The industry has diverse advantages that include sizeable manufacturing base, large refining capacity, strategic location of being close to consuming Asian markets, basic chemistry skills and engineering and process skills.

Key Markets and Export Destinations

In 2012-13, India exported dyes and dyes stuffs of about US$ 4,142 million, organic, inorganic and agro chemicals of around US$ 5,874.6 million and cosmetics and essential oils of around US$ 1,608.79 million respectively.

The UAE, the US, China and Saudi Arabia are the leading importers of cosmetics, toiletries and essential oils.

North America, Western Europe, Japan and emerging economies in Asia and Latin America are some of the major markets for Indian chemicals.

China followed by USA and Indonesia emerged as the top three importers of dyes and dye intermediates from India in 2012-13.

The US, the Netherlands and China are the leading export destinations for Indian inorganic, organic and agro chemicals.

Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Export Promotion Council


The promotion of product groups such as dyes and dye intermediates, basic inorganic and organic chemicals, including agro-chemicals, cosmetics, toiletries, essential oils, agarbattis, castor oil and its derivatives, is handled by the Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Export Promotion Council, which is popularly known as CHEMEXCIL. The Council is engaged in organising promotional events and fairs for helping exporters in identifying potential markets abroad and in providing publicity and marketing back-up. Read more


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iqbal rangwalla: i am new to exports. i have an order for disperse dyes.i wish to know the duty drawback amount on disperse dyes and how to apply for the same. also wish to know the role of chemexcil. please help. thank you.

ALTIUS IMPEX : I have read your following blog But kindly shed light on my scenario. Currently, I have not done Excise registration. I am registered as a Merchant Exporter with CHEMEXCIL. I purchase chemicals from local market in India, repack, relabel and export the chemicals. Does repacking or relabelling make me a manufacturer exporter? Can I get excise exemption without doing Excise registration? If yes, then kindly explain how?

ROYALE MARINE IMPEX PVT. LTD: Sir, Ours is an export oriented unit exporting Processed Shrimp to different countries. For Processing, we require for Carfosel chemical, a consumption good, for Treatment of Shrimp and exempted for paying Customs Duty. Frick Oil, a consumption good, used for Refrigeration is also exempted from Customs duty? Finance Manager

Harshit shah: I am doing business of perfumes .I also want to business of agarbatti so I want some chemical and perfume chemicals.

amit: . I have read your blog on Import-Export blog and I appreciate your efforts to pen down your experience. This will be very helpful to the people like me. I am interested in exporting organic chemicals. Do we need any special licences for merchant exporter from Chemexcil. If yes what kind of licenses and how long it takes to get the license? Also, if you could share with your experience about the selection of my product like scope, etc.

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