Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council


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Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council

 Office Address:

101, Aditya Trade Centre
Hyderabad-500 038
Tel : 040-23735462/66
Fax : 040-23735464
Website Address:

Products Handling:

Bulk Drugs and its intermediates





Homeopathic medicines

Biotech & biological products



Nutraceuticals & pharma industry related services

Collaborative research

Contract manufacturing

Clinical trials and consultants etc

Pharma related services.

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The name of the Company is Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council .The Registered Office of the Company will be situated in the State of Andhra Pradesh. A The main Objects to be pursued by the company on its incorporation are:

Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council copyTo support, protect, maintain, increase and promote the export of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals inter alia including intermediates, herbal, ayurvedic, unani and homeopathic medicines, biotech and biological products, diagnostics, surgicals, nutraceuticals, pharma industry related services – collaborative research, contract manufacturing, providing base for clinical trials and consultancy.

To keep in communication with Chambers of Commerce and other mercantile and public bodies throughout the world with a view to taking appropriate and necessary measures for maintaining or increasing the exports of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals;

To enunciate just and equitable principles to govern the trade in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals and to set up a code or codes of practices for the general guidance of manufacturers, traders and exporters of these products and further to simplify transactions relating to their exports;

To advise or represent to Governments, Local Authorities and Public Bodies

(a) the policies and other measures, including direct and indirect taxation, adopted by them in relation to their effect on industry and /or commerce:

(b) the steps to be taken by them to prevent any contravention of the codes of practices laid down by the Council, by any of the persons concerned, where such contravention would affect exports of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals provided that such advice or representation shall be only in so far as such policies or measures have a bearing directly or otherwise on the exports of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals; Read more



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LiHeK Enterprise : We are a distributor of HERBAL MEDICINE (Ayurvedic Product) in Ahmedabad city.We have about a 40-45 product of HERBAL MEDICINE.Now we planning to export our product.Will help us to export?

Vaibhav Bokade : I am vaibhav Bokade from nagpur want to start export firm of medical disposable items can you please help me that.

Gaurav Nagar: I was just surfing through websites on internet on how to export import and reached your website, and read your letter and thoughts, Sir I am so very much impressed by your thoughts and thinking that I am bound to write you. In this secretive world where every human being have become so competitive and clever that no one wants to tell anyone anything specially in the field of export and import you are helping in such a great great manner. I am having 9 years of experience in finance and banking but due to some circumstances in life, have to change entire course, industry and everything, now landed up in some kind of export import of pharma related product. I am new in this field, just a small kid, just 2 months old in this world of export import, but with help of your site now many useful information is handy with me, which will help me to move ahead.

Vaibhav Bokade : I am vaibhav Bokade from nagpur want to start export firm of medical disposable items can you please help me that.

rajesh: how we search medicine buyers in international market


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