79 Top Major Shipping lines worldwide and their web links


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A directory of all major shipping lines operating worldwide.

Please find below a list of shipping lines worldwide with their web addresses. I hope, these names of shipping carriers operating worldwide and their web links help you to contact them for various requirements. If you would like to add up any more name of shipping lines to this directory of shipping carriers, you may write below this article.

ACL Atlantic Container Line  http://www.aclcargo.com/
Alianca Navegaceo e Logistica Ltda. http://www.alianca.com.br
ANL Container Line http://www.anl.com.au/
APL American President Line http://www.apl.com
ARKAS LINE  http://www.arkasline.com.tr
Bahr    http://www.bahri.sa
CCNI    http://www.ccni.cl/ 
CSCL CHINA SHIPPING CONTAINER LINES   http://www.cscl.com.cn/english/
CMA-CGM    http://www.cma-cgm.com
CNC LINE Cheng Lie Navigation    http://www.cnc-line.com
COSCO CONTAINER LINES    www.cosco.com
COSCO USA      http://www.cosco-usa.com/
COSCO Canada   http://www.cosco.ca
CP SHIPS    https://www.hapag-lloyd.com
CROWLEY   http://www.crowley.com
CSAV   http://www.csav.com
CSAV Norasia   http://www.csavnorasia.com
DAL - Deutsche Afrika Linien https://my.dal.biz/
DELMAS   http://www.delmas.com/
EIMSKIP    http://eimskip.is     
Emirates Shipping Line  http://www.emiratesline.com/
Evergreen Lines  http://www.evergreen-line.com/
FESCO  www.fesco.ru
Gold Star Line  http://www.gslltd.com.hk
Grieg Star Shipping http://www.griegstar.com/
Grimaldi Lines  http://www.grimaldi.co.uk
Hamburg-Sued (Columbus Line) http://www.hamburgsud-line.com
Hanjin  http://www.hanjin.com/
Hapag-Lloyd  https://www.hapag-lloyd.com
HAWK CONTAINER LINES   http://www.hawkgroups.com/

HEUNG A Shipping http://www.heung-a.co.kr
HORIZON Lines http://www.horizon-lines.com
HUBLine  http://www.hubline.com
HUGO STINNES  http://www.stinnes-linien.de

major shipping lines worldwide

HYUNDAI Merchant Marine (HMM) http://www.hmm21.com

Ignazio Messina Line http://www.messinaline.it
INTERASIA Lines   http://wwwe.ial.co.jp
Italia Marittima  http://www.italiamarittima.it/
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K-Line http://www.kline.com/
Kambara Kisen http://www.kambara-kisen.co.jp
Kestrel Liner   http://www.kestrel-liner.com
KMTC Line  http://www.kmtc.co.kr
LIBRA  http://www3.libra.com.br
MACS Shipping http://www.macship.com


Maersk Line   http://www.maerskline.com
MARFRET Compagnie Maritime  http://www.marfret.fr
MAXICON Container Line  http://www.maxiconline.com/
MOL Mitsui OSK Lines   http://www.molpower.com
MSC  http://www.mscgva.ch
NSCSA National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia http://www.bahri.sa
Nordana  http://www.nordana.com/
NYK Nippon Yusen Kaisha Lines  http://www2.nykline.com/
Ocean Empire Lines  http://www.oelltd.com/
OOCL  http://www.oocl.com  
PDL Pacific Direct Line http://www.pdl123.co.nz
PIL Pacific International Lines  https://www.pilship.com
POLLUX & CASTOR  http://www.pollux-castor.com/index.html
RCL Regional Container Lines   http://www.rclgroup.com/
Royal Arctic Lines   http://www.ral.gl/
Safmarine   http://mysaf2.safmarine.com
SCI Shipping Corporation of India  http://www.shipindia.com
Seaboard Marine   http://www.seaboardmarine.com
Seago Line   http://www.seagoline.com/
Sea Star Line  http://www.seastarline.com/
Sinokor  http://www.sinokor.co.kr/
Sofrana   http://www.sofrana.co.nz/
STX PanOcean  http://container.stxpanocean.com/
Swire Shipping   http://www.swireshipping.com/
Tarros   http://www.tarros.it/
TCC The Containership Company http://www.containership-company.com/
T.S. Lines  http://www.tslines.com
TRANSLINER    http://www.transliner.com.sg
UASC United Arab Shipping Co  http://uasconline.uasc.net
Wan Hai Lines http://web.wanhai.com
W.E.C. Lines  http://www.weclines.com/
WESTWOOD SHIPPING LINES  https://www.westwoodonlineservices.com
Yang Ming   http://www.yangming.com
Zim Line    http://www.zim.coM


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Zero percentage GST on purchase of arrowroot

Nil tariff GST on sale of Coconuts

Reduced on sale or purchase of Cashew nut

Lowered down GST amount of rate on Cashew nut in shell

Nil rate of GST on sale of walnuts

Nil rate of GST on purchase of Pistachios

No need to pay GST on sale of Macadamia nuts

No need to pay GST on sale of Hazelnuts or filberts

No need to pay GST on sale of Areca nuts

Zero rate of GST on sale of Almonds

Nil tariff GST on sale of Kola nuts

No GST on purchase of Chestnuts

No need to pay GST on sale of plantains

Nil rate of GST on sale of Bananas

No need to pay GST on pineapples

Zero rate of GST on sale of mangosteens

Zero rate of GST on sale of guavas

No need to pay GST on purchase of figs

No need to pay of GST on sale of Dates


Manoj Korgaonkar: Dear Sir, What is minus freight in forwarding and how getting from carrier and which ports specially?????? Thanks Manoj

Samir Banerjee: It has been observed the Inland Haulage Charges of Shipping Line mainly on Import shipment is high as compare to the actual tariff of CONCOR. Could you please elaborate the reason. Do the shipping line incur any additional expenses, if yes what are those? Also let me know the type of charges on Sea Import Consignment & Air Import Consignment. How we can work the total logistic cost?

Philip Mathews: I have a buyer from India for Copperwire scrap. I have supplier in China and South Africa. I want to supply this material to the buyer in India without knowing the name of my supplier in the country of origin. Can you please explain me how to do the shipping documentation. your valuable informations will be highly appreciated.

Admin: Hello Philip Mathews, Please read our articles about international business i this website

Admin: Hello Philip Mathews, Please read our articles about international business i this website

Girish Dhere: I need career guidance in trade finance How can i grow in trad finance

Nitin kumar: sir, I Need importer guidence for our product gaskets,Air filters Thanks Nitin

Nitin kumar: Sir, I need exporter guidence for gaskets product Thanks Nitin

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Navale, Kavita : I have one doubt do you have any details in this website which will inform us how the shipping lines works, vsl allocation, SITREP, BAPLI etc.

Farhan: Hi desperately looking for roro vessel out of Toronto/Montreal/Halifax any suggestions will help alot

SAGAR GADAHIRE: Your comment is awaiting moderation. My company name is A SQUARE PROJECT CARGO SOLUTIONS We are majorly focusing of sea logistics of project cargo and turnkey cargo inbound and outbound India. We are serving majority of heavy engg companies in India We have experience of about 13-14 years in project cargo movement We have a strong network of heavy/ODC transport vendors, reliable CHA, and all logistics need under one roof.. We have a good customer support, operation team for smooth functioning and execution of a project shipment. We are tie ups with major shipping lines who provide us with the rock bottom freight rates, and which is ultimately passed to our clients. We have a growing no of our client base pertaining to project and ODC cargo year by year.

Badusha: Sir We are just incorporated Logistics company.Requested to advise how to begin a shipping in and out bond services and its requirements.and already we have courier services from GCC.Appreciate your advice. regards

Mohammed abul Basher: Wishing good luck. Sincerely yours.

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