Export commodity code for printing machineryinery, machineryines ancil to printing, pt


What is the HS code for Offset Printing Machinery?What is HTS code  for Letterpresss Printing Machinery? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Offset Printing Machinery. Product code 844350  against which commodity?Commodity code 844340  meant for which product?

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Product HS code chapter 84 nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, computers

8443  printing machineryinery, machineryines ancil to printing, pt

844311  Offset Printing Machinery, Reel Fed
844312  Offset Printing Machinery, Sheet Fed, Office Type
844319  Other Offset Printing Machinery
844321  Letterpresss Printing Machinery, Reel Fed
844329  Other Letterpress Printing Machinery, Excluding Flexographic Printing844330 Flexographic Printing Machinery
844340  Gravure Printing Machinery
844350  Other Printing Machinery
844360  Machines for Uses Ancillary to Printing
844390  Parts, of Printing Machinery, of Machines for Uses Ancillary to Printing


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What is the Product code for import of Letterpresss Printing Machinery.How to get commodity code to export Offset Printing Machinery.     Export goods code for Letterpresss Printing Machinery. Goods code 844390  is for which merchandise?HS CODE  844360  stands for which product?


Jaimin Vora: sir, i want to know the HS code for Compatible Toner Cartridge both in india and china

Jaimin: first of all i want to thanks for making a nice website which gives us a very good knowledge about import-export sir at present you are doing any business related to import export or only give education. i am in the business of selling compatible toner cartridge, printer parts and in IT service field. but want to expand my business, so i want to import compatible toner cartridges and printer parts from china, but many things is there which i can't find on internet. 1. HS code for the Compatible toner cartridge (in india many people import toner cartridge under HS code :- 84439959 or some 84439990) in calssification both shows "Others", so how to decide which we have to use.and in china supplier of toner cartridges use hs code :- 8443999010 (10 digit hs code) so if seller use this one how we can use 84439959 in india (bcoz 84439959 have 10.8% duty and 84439990 have 18%) duty so there is a vast difference. 2. Want to know about forwarder :- how to choose good forwarder i ask for quotation from different forwarder all give different quotes and different charges. some forwarder tells that if you choose CIF then at the port while making delivery order forwarder ask for more money, how its possible ? in FOB i will choose my forwarder but they charge supplier a higher fee so what to do ?

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