HS code of olive oil and its fractions, not chemically modified

HS CODE  150910  stands for which product? Product code 150910  against which commodity? Commodity code 150990  meant for which product?  Export goods code for Virgin (Olive Oil).  Import goods code for Virgin (Olive Oil).  Merchandise code for Virgin (Olive Oil).   Goods code for 150990  for which merchandise?150910  Virgin (Olive Oil)

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chapter 15 animal or vegetable fats, oils and waxes

1509  olive oil and its fractions, not chemically modified

150990  Olive Oil and Its Fractions (Other than Virgin)




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Procedures to export lard, other pig fat and poultry fat, rendered and above specified.



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This post explains:

What is the HS code for Virgin (Olive Oil)? What is HTS code  for Virgin (Olive Oil)?  HS name for Virgin (Olive Oil)? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Virgin (Olive Oil).  What is the Product code for import of Virgin (Olive Oil). How to get product code for export of  Virgin (Olive Oil).  How to find commodity code  to import Virgin (Olive Oil). How to get commodity code to export Virgin (Olive Oil).


jb: Good day sir, I am a student studying international trade. i am kindly asking for you assistance by way of information of the documents, procedures and tariffs required to import olive oil to India. hopeful for your favorable timely response.

nazir: we are a establish company in kuwait. now we are looking to set our import business in india. we are interested in importing 1.olive oil,olives,coffee ,tea,chocolates etc 2.pu-foam expandable spray (for gap filling and also used for door and window fixing (chemical range product) i would like to learn step by step procedure for issuing all type licence and certificate for above 2 type of business. also wish to know,your consultation fees.

marin: Dear Importers of Olive Oil, You can get now your own import business based on Spanish Cooking Olive Oil, the world's first producer of this healthiest and with excellent tasting product of daily consumption, for everyone. I work directly with Spanish producer of Olive Oil awarded two times by the Spanish government, and we are looking for selected importers on every country to give them exclusive distribution of their Olive Oil brands. With IFS Food Higher Level and Kosher international certifications, we sell different varieties of Oils in several packing formats, and also in bulk. Packed in: PET bottles, Glass bottles, Jars and Cans, of the following sizes: 250 ml., 500 ml., 750 ml., 1L., 2L., 2.5L., 5L., 10L., 25L. And bulks deliveries: in Flexitanks, Drums of 200L., 1000 liters IBCs, 916 liters barrels, etc. The import conditions are the most feasible and easy, with no obligations. The payment methods are flexible including of course non-transferable DLC, Usance DLC with 30-60 days deferred payment, etc., and the minimum order quantity it's just 5 pallets (yes less than 1 container) to start with the business in the very easiest way. As the exclusive importer, you get than 100% to 200% profits of each shipment value for yourself; So this is a no-brainer but a magnificent income, for life. To send samples to the importers it's Ok, of course. In many countries yet it is a once on a lifetime business opportunity for importers. Also, you can get buyers and importers in your country and get your commissions.

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