HS CODE Chapter 02 (4 digits)



0201  meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled
0202  meat of bovine animals, frozen
0203  meat of swine (pork), fresh, chilled or frozen
0204  meat of sheep or goats, fresh, chilled or frozen
0205  meat of horses, asses, mules, hinnies fr, chld, fz
0206  ed offal, bovine, swine, sheep, goat, horse, etc.
0207  meat & ed offal of poultry, fresh, chill or frozen
0208  meat & edible offal nesoi, fresh, chilled or frozen
0209  pig & poultry fat fresh chld frzn salted dried smkd
0210  meat & ed offal salted, dried etc. & flour & meal



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Bhaskar : We done shipment to port at Yangon – Myanmar country, Our bankers is citi bank Now when we submitted the docs, docs are not been dispatched from citi bank directly to customer When we asked to citi bank, the documents and case is under compliance, (negative list country) When we ask to return the docs, citi bank denied to do so, becoz either return to customer or to send to overseas customer/consignee Requires us sanctions, meanwhile we scan the docs and customer paid the amount and we received the amount in citi bank Still for 8 to 10 days docs are under hold, waiting approval from us sanction of citi bank office US. How I can clear the issue ?How the customer will get delivery if at all citi bank still hold docs and cannot make any definite period How long it will take? Am aware bank guarantee is one of way to resolve it, but Shall citi bank can hold the docs, since citi bank not ready to pay demmurage charges, how they could hold the docs ? Who will pay demmurage, is it their right to hold the docs ? we are asking is Reserve bank of India, has such rule please show me Or return the original documents, I told them Its my error and mistake that I submitted the docs which is under compliance ( I Got it information lateron) How I could get rid of such issue ? Could you provide solution on this, Pls reply or give me your tel no so that I can discuss you in detail

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