Airports with similar name in different countries.

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Do you know the country where Santa Rosa airport situates? I hope, most of you can not answer before reading this article.

In this article, let me point out some of the airports named similar, but situate in different countries. These multiple airports with same name in different countries may get confused, if proper airport code and country name not mentioned. You may be working in an import export firm, shipping and freight forwarding companies or customs broker. You need to pay most attention on these places at the time of documentation while shipping.

If the shipment is by air, you must be care on mentioning airport code and country name, otherwise you can imagine what happens to the shipment. While contracting terms of delivery in purchase order or Letter of credit, you need to keep in mind about this location confusion. Let the contract be Ex works, FOB,C&I,CFR,DAP,DDU or DDP, the freight rate is different to each similar port and varies widely. If you calculate wrong freight due to oversight and confusion on similar ports, you are the loser, apart from affecting business relationship.

Where is airport Barcelona situated? This is a confused questionAirports with similar name in different countries copy , as there are two airports named Barcelona airport in Spain and Barcelona airport in Venezuela. Where is Port land airport?. In USA or Australia. Again, the name Port land airport is in both countries. In Portugal and USA, the airport Santa Maria situates. Do you know, airport named Santa Rosa is in 5 countries - USA, BOLIVIA, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA and HONDURAS!

So let me provide below, similar airport names situate in different countries. I also mention the code number of airport with country name. I hope this information helps you in overcoming difficulty due to multiple airport names in different countries.

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Barcelona in Spain with airport code BCN
Barcelona in Venezuela with airport code BLA

Cambridge Bay in Canada with airport code YCB
Cambrigde in United Kingdom with airport code CBG
Cordoba in Argentina with airport code COR
Cordoba in Spain with airport code ODB

 Florence (Firenze) - Peretola Airport in Italy with airport code FLR 

Florence, SC in USA with airport code FLO
Fort Smith in Canada with airport code YSM
Fort Smith, AR in USA with airport code FSM

Glasgow, Prestwick in United Kingdom with airport code PIK
Glasgow in United Kingdom with airport code GLA
Glasgow, MT in USA with airport code GGW
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Hyderabad - Begumpet in India with airport code HYD
Hyderabad in Pakistan with airport code HDD

Manchester in United Kingdom with airport code MAN
Manchester, NH in USA with airport code MHT

Newcastle in United Kingdom with airport code NCL
Newcastle in South Africa with airport code NCS
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Portland in Australia with airport code PTJ
Portland, ME in USA with airport code PWM
Portland International, OR in USA with airport code PDX

Salinas, CA in USA with airport code SNS
Salinas in Ecuador with airport code SNC

San Jose Cabo in Mexico with airport code SJD
San Jose in Costa Rica with airport code SJO
San Jose, CA in USA with airport code SJC
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San Salvador in Bahamas with airport code ZSA
San Salvador in El Salvador with airport code SAL

Santa Maria in Portugal with airport code SMA
Santa Maria, CA in USA with airport code SMX
Santa Rosa, CA in USA with airport code STS
Santa Rosa in Bolivia with airport code SRB
Santa Rosa in Brazil with airport code SRA
Santa Rosa in Argentina with airport code RSA
Santa Rosa, Copan in Honduras with airport code SDH
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Santa Rosalia in Colombia with airport code SSL
Santa Rosalia in Mexico with airport code SRL

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S.N. Subramanian : I am interested in import of Cocoa beans from Ecuador. I am told that indian authorities do not permit import from Ecuador due to traces of methyl bromide in the product.I can not confirm this.Can u let me know any information on this.

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