Export Promotion Council for Services


Export Promotion Council for Services

Services include all the 161 tradable services covered under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) where payment for such services Is received in free foreign exchange. All provisions of the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09 shall apply mutatis mutandi to export of services as they apply to goods, unless otherwise specified.

Until now, the service exporters are required to register with the Federation of Indian Exporters Organization (FIFO) and the software exporters with the Electronic and Software Export Promotion Council.

In order to give proper direction, guidance and encouragement to the services sector, an exclusive Export Promotion Council for Services has been proposed to be set up under the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09.


Functions of the Services Export Promotion Council:

(a) Map opportunities for key services in key markets and develop strategic market access programmes for each component of the matrix.

(b) Co-ordinate with sectoral players in undertaking intensive brand building and marketing programmes in target markets.

(c) Make necessary interventions with regard to policies, procedures and bilateral/multilateral issues, in co-ordination with recognised nodal bodies of the services industry.



Common Facility Centres:

Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09 has also proposed the establishment of Common Facility Centres for use by home-based service providers, particularly in areas like engineering and architectural design, multi-media operations, software developers etc., in state and district-level towns, to draw in a vast multitude of home-based professionals into the services export arena.


15.3 Commodity Boards (CBs):

Commodity Boards are boards, which have been specially established by the Government of India for the promotion of some of the traditional commodities of exports having high export potentials. These boards are supplementary to the Export Promotion Councils (EPCs). The functions of Commodity Boards are similar to that of EPCs.



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