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Spices Board

 Office Address: 

Sugandha Bhavan
N H By-Pass, P B No.2277
Palarivattom P.O.
Cochin-682 025
Tel : 0484-2333610-16
Fax : 0484-2331429/2334429
E-mail: spicesboard@vsnl.com; mail@indianspices.com
Website Address: http://www.indianspices.com/


Products Handling:

Spice and spices products
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Spices BoaSpices boardrd was constituted on 26th February 1987 under the Spices Board Act 1986 (No. 10 of 1986) with the merger of the erstwhile Cardamom Board (1968) and Spices Export Promotion Council (1960). Spices Board is one of the five Commodity Boards functioning under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It is an autonomous body responsible for the export promotion of the scheduled spices and production development of some of them such as Cardamom.

India produces a wide range of spices. At present, production is around 3.2 million tonnes of different spices valued at approximately 4 billion US $, and holds a prominent position in world spice production. Because of the varying climates - from tropical to sub-tropical to temperate-almost all spices grow splendidly in India.

In reality almost all the states and union territories of India grow one or the other spices. Under the act of Parliment, a total of 52 spices are brought under the purview of Spices Board. However 109 spices are notified in the ISO list.

Organic Spices

India - The Land of Spices

India is the major producer, consumer and exporter of spices in the world. India grows over 60 different varieties of spices because of varied agro-climatic conditions and soil types. India produces about 60 Lakh MT of spices, of which, about 6.9 Lakh MT (11%) is exported to more than 150 countries.

Organic Farming

In recent years, organic agriculture has been gaining considerable importance. Many farmers today show interest all over the world in organic farming. Several of them have begun switching to this traditional method of cultivation as a means to produce safe foodstuffs and preserve the environment. The concept of organic farming is not new to India but Indian Farmers traditionally follow the indigenous farming principles and practices for a sustainable farming and preservation of environment which are in tune with present day organic farming concepts.

World Demand for Organic Products

The world demand for organic products is growing rapidly in developed countries like Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. The current estimated share of organic foods in these countries is approximately 1 to 1.5 per cent. Worldwide, food trends are changing with a marked health orientation. Since organic foods are free from chemical contaminants, the demand for these products is steadily increasing. Read more


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Tanoj : We are newly start a export house on odisha, Need some help for buy goods on market. 1. How can we buy a good from manufacture (VAT,CST,H for) 2. If we are not a munufacture, than we apply for cerificate of spice board or tea board 3. How can we get some leads of international buyer.

kumaresh: we got an export order for spices to Malaysia. i would like to know is that spice board membership is mandatory for exporting spices to malaysia (dry chilli, garlic).

saranya: While I was surfing the net I came to know about your blog that you are an expert in the Indian market of import and export. I am very passionate to start an export business of my own. I wanted to export our Indian spices organic rice vegetables to other countries that are in need of it thereby to earn income aslo to satisfy myself in sending them the most nutritious products to their health. Regarding this I searched for training classes but I could not find any gud qulaity classes taken here in Chennai. May I have your guidance in this aspect to learn about export business and to start my own dream business with you help. I request you to help me in doing a successful export.

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