Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs


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Export Promotion Council for EOUs & SEZs


Office Address:
8G, 8th Floor, Hansalaya Bldg.,
15 Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi-110001
e-mail:epcesho@gmail.com, epcesho@hotmail.com, epces@vsnl.net
Website Address: http://www.epces.in/

Export Promotion Council for EOUs & SEZs (EPCES) has been set up to service the export promotional needs of 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUs), Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Units and Special Economic Zone Developers in the country and has been recognized by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Its objectives are: To promote exports from India and to earn more foreign exchange for the country.

To facilitate interaction between the exporting community and Government both at the Central and State level.

To canalize financial assistance rendered by the Central Government to members for assisting their export market development efforts.

To collaborated with other export promotion councils/ export promotion organizations in India and similar bodies in foreign countries as well as with international organizations working in the field.


EOUs and SEZs play a stellar role in the growth of exports from the country and in 2011-12 total export from EOUs & SEZs were recorded at Rs. 4,43,821 crores (US $ 83 Billion). Of these exports from EOUs stood at Rs. 79,343 crores (US $ 15 Billion) and those from SEZs at Rs.3,64,478 crores (US $ 69 Billion).

EOUs/SEZs cover major industrial sectors, like textiles, garments & Yarns, Gems & Jewellery , Leather goods, Food & Agro Products, Electronics & Software, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Engineering, minerals, Granites & other stones, Plastic & Rubber Goods etc.


EPCES represents EOUs/SEZs Sector, which has approx. 6,000 operational EOUs/SEZ Units/ SEZ Developers spread all over the country. EOU/SEZ Sector contributes Rs. 4, 43,821 crores (US $ 83 Billion) in our export basket with a contribution to 31% in national exports. The activities of EPCES encompass: Providing financial assistance to EOUs/SEZ units through Market Development Assistance (MDA) for export promotion activities abroad. Organizing Open Houses/ Seminars/Workshops in different states of the country for resolving their problems and eliciting suggestions for policy making by Government. Taking up issues affecting EOUs/SEZs with various Ministries like Commerce, Finance, CBEC, CBDT, RBI, State Governments etc. Participating in trade fairs/exhibitions in India & abroad. Informing members about latest development and changes in the national and international trade scenario.

Publishing quarterly ‘EPCES News” focusing on marketing strategies, international scene, latest provisions and procedures relating to Export-Import, Customs & Excise, Investment Opportunities etc.

Bringing out publications for use within India and abroad. Organizing buyer-seller meets with EOUs & SEZs for the promotion of exports. Read more


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