Import of Textile and Textile Articles


How to import Textile and Textile Articles


In this post, a basic knowledge on how to import Textile and Textile Articles is explained. This information is to enlighten importers; a general idea to import Textile and Textile Articles goods from overseas countries applicable to almost all countries worldwide. If you are importing any commodity, you need to obtain accurate information from concerned government departments of importing country, as the details given in this post provides only a common idea about import of Textile and Textile Articles.

Different countries may have their own requirements to import Textile and Textile Articles although most of the procedures and formalities are same in all countries after globalization of trade by General Agreement on Tariff and Trade, GATT. More trade liberalization is expected in near future for WTO countries through Trade Facilitation Agreement TFA likely to be introduced within a couple of years. 

Anti dumping duty

Some of the items under Silk, Yarns and woven fabrics attract anti dumping duty, if importing from certain countries as per foreign trade policy of importing country. The importers of Silk, Yarns and woven fabrics may collect accurate information from necessary government agencies before importing. 

Government registration:
In most of countries, government registration is required to become an importer in the country who only can act as an importer. Foreign Trade government office of respective country is responsible to issue such authorization to become an importer. For example in India, IEC number (Import Export Code Number) is obtained from the office of Director General of Foreign Trade office to operate as an importer and exporter in India. This process to become an importer is a onetime process, but renewal may be required as per the terms and conditions of such foreign trade office of a country. Nowadays, in most of the countries, the information on such registration for importer – exporter is linked with customs location and reserve bank, as process of imports and exports are online digitalized. So the importers of Textile and Textile Articles is also required to contact concerned government agencies of their importing country to verify whether such onetime registration is necessary or not.

Procedures to import
: The importer and supplier mutually agree terms and conditions about import sale prior to actual shipment of imports. Pricing, quality specifications, terms of payment, terms delivery, and mode of transport and other terms and conditions are agreed and mentioned in purchase order and import shipment of Textile and Textile Articles is effected accordingly.


as you know, under any importation of goods, necessary import documentation and customs clearance procedures at importing country have to be completed either importer’s customs broker or importer directly 

63  How to import MADE-UP TEXTILE ARTICLES NESOI, NEEDLECRAFT SETS, WORN CLOTHING, RAGSas per foreign trade policy of respective importing country. For importing Textile and Textile Articles also, import entry documents along with carrier’s document (Bill of Lading /Airway bill), commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and other required documents are filed and necessary import procedures are completed to take delivery of imported goods under Textile and Textile Articles. Nowadays, necessary information is filed online and produces required documents at the time of inspection, assessment or delivery of import of goods at destination customs location. The international partners of countries share quality measures each other and exempt from multiple inspection on same products both for export and import. However, as per the policy of most of the developed countries import of goods from Least Developed Countries (LDC) need to be certified by authorized agencies before export. So, if any import of Textile and Textile Articles takes place, the details of such information can be obtained from necessary government agencies of importing country.

Certificate of Origin to import
Textile and Textile Articles : The source of origin of imported Textile and Textile Articles is required in almost all countries. So a certificate of origin issued by necessary approved authorities at exporting country is required to import Textile and Textile Articles. Certificate of origin helps to determine origin of imported goods to avail exemption on import duties and taxes. Different unilateral, multilateral and bilateral agreement between countries also allows imports and exports with exemption of import duties where in Certificate of Origin is the primary proof on country of origin of importing goods under Textile and Textile Articles.

In this article, the documentation, process and formalities to import Textile and Textile Articles are explained. As explained above, this information are generally applicable for all countries. These details on how to import Textile and Textile Articles are given to provide a basic idea to bring Textile and Textile Articles from foreign country. Specific requirements for each importing country need to be followed by importers and exporters of Textile and Textile Articles.

I hope, the above information helps you in gaining basic knowledge on documentation, procedures and formalities in importation of Textile and Textile Articles


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The above post commonly explains on the questions given under about import guidelines of Textile and Textile Articles. These products fall under chapter 63 of HS code. Please contact authorized government agencies of importing country for accurate information on importation procedures and formalities:

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