Licence required to export from Mexico

Export Registration process in Mexico


What are the procedures for registration as an exporter in Mexico? How to gather the status of an exporter in Mexico? How to get export licence in Mexico?  How to start an export business in Mexico? What are the certification formalities to export to Mexico?


This post explains about export registration procedures to be obtained from Mexico government authority to export from Mexico.


All importers and exporters need to be register with the Federal Register of Taxpayers. Then only they can engage in import export business which they want.


Licensing procedure to export goods to a country is almost same worldwide.  Detailed information on how to obtain a licence to export to a country is explained in separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Export Licence and registration procedures



The details given here explain about export registration procedures to be obtained from Mexico government authority to export from Mexico.



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CGST Act Section 52 Collection of tax at source

CGST Act section 53 Transfer of input tax credit

CGST Act section 54 Refund of tax

CGST Act Section 55 Refund in certain cases

CGST Act section 56 Interest on delayed refunds

CGST Act section 57 Consumer Welfare Fund

CGST Act section 58 Utilisation of Fund

CGST Act Section 59 Self-assessment

CGST Act section 60 Provisional assessment

CGST Act section 61 Scrutiny of returns

CGST Act Section 62 Assessment of non-filers of returns

CGST Act section 63 Assessment of unregistered persons

CGST Act Section 64 Summary assessment in certain special cases

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Sofía Carolina Aguilar Flores: Señora / Señor, Yo, Sofía, quiero tener una licencia de importación para artesanías, ropa y artículos de plata. Por favor, dime cómo puedo obtener la licencia de importación. Y, por favor, hágamelo saber todos los documentos y términos y condiciones requeridos.

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