How to export from India to Ghana?

Flow of export process from India to Ghana


What is the step by step way to send goods from India to Ghana? How to export from India?   What is the process to be followed in India to export to Ghana?  Procedures of export certification, registration, customs formalities etc to export from India to Ghana.


The information given here is about complete procedures to export from India to Ghana. 

Most of the process to export and import are same. But, the technical terms used for import and export process could be varied from country to country.

In almost all countries, a onetime licensing procedure to act as an Exporter/Importer is required to be completed.

Indian exports to Ghana comprise pharmaceuticals, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, automobiles and buses,  plastics, steel and cement etc


Export process from India to Ghana and other countries is almost same worldwide.  Detailed information on how to export from India is explained in detail as separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.                                

Step by step procedures to export from India



The process on how to export from India to Ghana is explained here.  Would you like to add more information about the procedures and formalities to export from India to Ghana?


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