NOC from Drug controller to export and import


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NOC from Drug controller to export and import

NOC from Drug controller to export and importIn an import export trade, if any goods exporting or importing which contains medical related products, such imports or exports are permitted with an NOC (No Objection Certificate) obtained from Drug controller office of government (or similar government agencies) who is authorized to manufacture such medical related products.

NOC from Drug controller is an approval given to manufacturer of such medical related products authorized by government agencies of manufacturing country. Pharmaceutical products manufacturers and other medicinal related products manufacturers are mandatorily to be obtained such No Objection Certificate from drug controller or similar government agencies of exporting country.

In order to have a basic idea about such certification, you can refer here to know a reference letter issued by India Government. (The readers of other countries can read this to have a basic idea about such NOC certification, if you are an exporter or importer of goods related to medicine/drug.   

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anil: can any one help to complete the course ADC i am new hear

Dr.jerome: i want to send hepatitis medication to Russia .so i need to get the noc for the medicine .i want contact address in tamilnadu

CHIRAG: i want to import dental composite and cements, can I need NOC from ADC?

kuldeep Panchal: we have one import shipment from iran to ahmedabad Air Cargo of Product: (5.alpha.)-4,5-Epoxy-3, 14-dihydroxymorphinan-6-one, so can we need NOC from ADC department

Inditrdexpo pvt. Ltd: Hi, dear sir/madam We want export Farma product.

Shubham pandey: Agent is demanding 4500 rs for ADC approval, please share the rates for same, I know it's vary agent to agent but 4500 is more than enough.

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