GST on nylon

GST slab rate on sale or purchase of nylon

GST on nylonHow much GST tax payable on nylon, polyester, acrylic? Present Indian GST charges on nylon, polyester, acrylic? Goods and Service Tax rate for nylon, polyester, acrylic?

The below information details about GST slab rate on nylon, polyester, acrylic

The rate of GST on Synthetic filament yarn such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc. [GST HSN chapter code 5402, GST HSN chapter code 5404, GST HSN chapter code 5406]fixed by GST council at the introduction of GST in July, 2017 is 18%

This details about GST rate tariff on nylon, polyester, acrylic is only for information. The validity of above information and amendments about GST rate on nylon, polyester, acrylic may be verified before any business dealing.

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