Filling enrolment application for GST in India.

How to feed information for enrolment for with GST website

Filling enrolment application for GST in India.The Enrolment Application has multiple tabs that you need to fill, verify and finally submit the application.

However when filling enrolment application, some of the details such as: Legal name of Business (as per Permanent Account Number (PAN), Legal Name of Business (as per current Tax Act), Pan of the Business, State and Zone/ District/ Word/ Zone etc. will be auto-populated – non-editable are migrated from the state VAT System.

Once you verify the Enrolment Application, it will be assumed that the details migrated from the VAT system are correct and you will be registered with the same details in the GST system. All fields that are marked with a red sign are mandatory.


The enrolment application is displayed after you login to the GST common Portal. The enrolment application has multiple tabs. Fill details in each tab. In the business details tab page enter the details related to your business.

Notice the five fields are auto-populated: legal name of business (as per PAN )Legal name of business

(as per current tax Act), Pan of the Business, state and zone. District/ ward / zone.

In the constitution of business. Zone District/ Ward / Zone NO. Drop- Down list, Select the relevant option. You can refer the Registration certificate issued by the state VAT Department to fill these details.


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Satish Kumar Mishra: Dear Sir, presently I am registered under service tax but due some personal relation I can not ask for my user ID & password from my consultant.So please suggest me how can i apply for gst registration in absence of service tax used id & password.can i registered my self under new registration mention the present service tax No.

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