Online Registration of GST in India with new username and password

Complete guide for enrolling GST common portal for registration in India


Online GST registration guidelines in India

How can I login to the GST Common Portal with new username and password?
Online Registration of GST in India with new username and password copyTo login to the GST Common Portal with your new username and password, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Access the URL. The GST Home page is displayed.

2. Click the EXISTING USER LOGIN button.

3. The Login page is displayed. In the Username field, type the username that you created.

4. In the Password field, type the password.

5. In the Type the characters you see in the image below field, type the captcha text as shown on the screen

6. Click the LOGIN button.


In case you are logging for the first time, click the here link to login.


7. The Welcome page is displayed. Click the CONTINUE button.


The Dashboard is displayed.



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rafeeq ahmed: sir ilocal tranporter in hyderBAD SO I DONT khnow obout for gst registration wther it is compelsary for me or not if it is must so kindliy requested to experts suggest me how to i register and what document to sumbmit &where to submit

sandeep verma: New account

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