ECGC Claim Is it a Hurdle?


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How to claim Insurance from ECGC?


Maintain rules and regulations of ECGC after obtaining policy.


Default on overseas payment by buyer. Consignment covered under ECGC policy. How to claim amount?


Does ECGC pay immediately on default of overseas buyer’s payment to exporters?


As explained previously, ECGC covers risk of buyer’s default of payment againstHow to claim Insurance under ECGC exported goods. You have obtained a policy from ECGC. Make sure, the procedures and formalities followed as per ECGC’s requirements. You need to maintain a proper record of shipments as per serial order and premium to be paid regularly as per their guidelines. Also need to submit the data of exports to them as per their requirements. If you do not follow the terms and conditions of ECGC, you may struggle to get your claim from them like any other general insurance companies. Better clarify with them ‘how does ECGC work’ including the procedures for claim, so as to enable you to have a clear idea to follow ECGC’s requirements to avoid further inconvenience, if any claim arises.

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Jason Dobrofsky: We have formed a new company in the Uk for import, and we want to avoif problems with HMRC.question is:We buy goods from a supplier who invoices us from a Swiss company. However, the goods are coming from Turkey. What I would like to know is: do all of the details on the shipping invoice (i.e. the supplier) have to match the Swiss company details on the electronic invoice? If we only see a Turkish company listed on the shipping invoice, which does not match the Swiss company details on the electronic invoice, is this legal(in case of an hmrc inspection, would this cause problems for me)?Also, our payment goes to a Swiss account with same name of the owner of the account and the E-invoice.I realize you are in India, but the things you talk about are exactly what I have been serahcing for, andI imagina India would share standard import / tax procedures.

Jason Dobrofsky: I have one more question regarding triangular trade: I have a Spanish company. If my customer is in UK and my supplier is in Turkey (I am the intermediate supplier), (by the way, shipping is being done through air, so I don´t know what you call the document for air transport which would replace “bill of lading”), do I a) Contact a customs broker in UK, have them receive the goods which have as receiver my Spanish company, and have them change the shipping invoice with me as new supplier and my UK client as end customer Orb)Do I actually have to contact the shipper in Turkey when they have the goods from my supplier, and have them prepare the documentation in turkey listing me as supplier (my Spanish company), shipping directly to my UK client. The problem I have with this is Spain requires shipping documents with comercial invoice attached (apart from the E-invoice) from my Turkish supplier to my Spanish Company, otherwise Spain will not recognize the E.-invoice alone. So is this original document from Turkish supplier to my Spanish company preserved by the Carrier(UPS?). And does the merchandise value/shipping invoice on the original document have any validity on this document, since it has never passed customs nor stamped by customs? I guess what I am saying is does the switch happen in Turkey or in UK?

Agritech Exim: I am Bhargav from Agritech exim, Ahmedabad. I appreciate your concept of sharing your valuable knowledge about import and export. I want to know that can i get EPCG benefit on high seas purchase? My supplier will transfer B/L to my name and i will file that B/L.

Hamza Moideen : I would like to know about bunkering procedures, like how we receive payment , what if we don't receive payment , and how to claim if we dint, and how to get clearance from customs procedures.

Admin: Jason Dobrofsky, Approach an expert in handling triangular shipments.

Admin: Jason Dobrofsky, Approach an expert in handling triangular shipments.

MAHENDRA MEHTA: Sir, I want to know the procedure of clearance of export obligations under EPCG licence. we can deemed export to SEZ. matter most urgent please

Akshit Shandilya: Hi,I must appreciate your efforts to decrease the international trade risk. I have a question that my buyer is in Greece and he would like to work with on OA(open account) for the first dealing. He have given me the full details of his Registered office address so to reduce the rrisk of dealing how you guys could help me out what are the documents you require of him. I need to know full procedure so that even if I get loss I can get claim easily. I am from India.

Ankit Begwani: Hi I would like to understand the Document dispatch conditions from ECGC in case of Perishable cargoes. We export Agricultural commodities in countries like UAE, Colombo where transit time is short and its difficult to send documents from our bank to BUyer's bank. We do not hold status holder certificate. Can we dispatch documents directly? Will ECGC still pass the claims if any? Thanks for your response in advance.

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