Reduced GST rate on Khali dona

Minimized GST rates on Khali dona


The GST tariff rate on goods under HSN 46 has been cut down as per GST council meet held on 21st July, 2018.  The details of reduced GST rate on Khali dona is as follows:


Latest GST rate on Khali dona


HSN number: 46

Khali Dona; Goods made of sal leaves, siali leaves,sisal  leaves,  sabai  grass,  including  sabai  grass rope

GST rate before 27th July, 2018: 5%

Reduced rate of GST w.e.f 27.07.2018: Nil


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Bala: Can i assume areca leaf plates also comes under this classification and eligible nil gst rate.?

Ramesh: What is Khali Dona? Does this mean only those silver coated dona is gst exempted and not the thali or any other paper product.

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