UTGST Act 2017

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UTGST Act 2017 Sections

25The sections under UTGST Act 2017 is furnished below.  The information furnished here may be reconfirmed with the authorities before proceeding with any business transaction.


Sections under UTGST Act 2017


UTGST Act 2017 Sections

UTGST Act Section 1 Short title, extent and commencement

UTGST Act Section2 Definitions

UTGST Act Section 3, Officers

UTGST Act Section 4 Authorization of Officers

UTGST Act Section 5, Powers of Officers

UTGST Act Section 6 Authorisation of officers of central tax as proper officer in certain circumstances

UTGST Act Section Levy and Collection of GST

UTGST Act Section 8 Power to grant exemption from GST

UTGST Act Section 9 Payment of GST Tax

UTGST Act Section 10 Transfer of ITC

UTGST Act Section 11 Officers required to assist proper officers.

UTGST Act Section 12 wrong collection of GST paid to Central Govt or UT

UTGST Act Section 13 about recovery of GST tax

UTGST Act Section 14 dvance ruling

UTGST Act Section 15 Constitution of Authority for Advance Ruling.

UTGST Act Section 16 Constitution of Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling



Refund of GST tax on deposit under investigation

Refund of amount deposited for GST appeal

Finalization of provisional assessment under Goods and Service Tax refunds

Refund of GST tax on excess payment due to mistake or inadvertentce

When does GST tax to be refunded?

GST payments, list of Banks authorised in Centre and States

GST payment errors between GSTN and RBI

GST payments, claim of non delivery of service

Double payment error in GST tax payments

Payment of GST tax through fraudulent use

Issue of charge back in CC/DC Payment in GST payments

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