IGST Act 2017

IGST Act 2017 Sections

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26The sections under IGST Act 2017 is furnished below.  The information furnished here may be reconfirmed with the authorities before proceeding with any business transaction.


Sections under IGST Act 2017


IGST Act Section 1 short title, extent and commencement

IGST Act Section 2 definitions

IGST Act Section 3 Appointment of officers.

IGST Act Section 4 Authorisation of officers

IGST Act Section 5 Levy and Collection

IGST Act section 6 Power to grant exemption from tax

IGST Act section 7 Inter-State supply

IGST Act section 8 Intra-State supply

IGST Act section 9 Supplies in territorial waters

IGST Act Section 10 Place of supply of goods

IGST Act section 11 The place of supply of goods

IGST Act Section 12 Place of supply of services , location of supplier and recipient in India

IGST Act Section 13 location of supplier or location of recipient is outside India

IGST Act section 14 Special provision for payment of tax by a supplier

IGST Act section 15 Refund of integrated tax paid on supply of goods to tourist leaving India

IGST Act section 16 Zero rated supply

IGST Act section 17 apportionment of tax and settlement of funds

IGST Act section Transfer of input tax credit

IGST Act section 19 Tax wrongfully collected

IGST Act Section 20 Application of provisions

IGST Act section21 Import of services made on or after the appointed day

IGST Act section 22 Power to make rules

IGST Act section 23 Power to make regulations

IGST Act Section 24 Laying of rules, regulations and notifications

IGST Act section 25 Removal of difficulties


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