GST for Services in India


GST rate for services in India

Update: 18th May, 2017: Find GST rate for your goods, click here

28The details about GST rates for services are mentioned below.  The details of notification changes, GST rate changes and other amendments related to GST are also being updated here soon.  The details furnished below is just for information only. You may reconfirm the authenticity and validity  with the authorities  before proceeding with any business transaction.


GST for Services


Accommodation in hotels, inns, cubs, guest houses, campsite for a continuous period of less than three months

Air-conditioned restaurants having license to service alcoholic beverages in relation to service of food or beverages

Builder in relation to preferential location, internal or external development

Copyright Services

Electricity Exchange Services

Permitting Commercial Use or Exploitation of any event

Promotion of Brand of Goods, Services

Maintenance of Medical Records services

Promotion, marketing or organizing of games of chance including lottery, bingo etc. services

Legal Consultancy Services

Transport of Coastal goods, Goods through National Waterways or Goods through Inland Waterways Services

Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Services

Supply of Tangible Goods services

Clearing and Processing House services

Recognized Associations-Commodity Exchange Services

Recognized Stock Exchange service

Investment Management service for ULIP

Information Technology Software services

Telecommunication services

Design Services

Underwriters services

Travel Agent other than Air and Rail Travel

Travel by cruise ship service

Air travel services

Transport of goods through pipeline or conduit services

Transport of goods by rail service

Transport of goods by Road services

Transport of goods by Air

Tour Operator service

Technical Inspection and Certification Agency

Technical Testing and Analysis Service

TV and radio Programme Production Services

Survey and map making service

Survey and Exploration of Minerals

Storage and warehousing services

Stock broker services

Steamer agent service

Sponsorship service to corporates other than sports event

Sound recording service

Site preparation services

Ship management service

Share transfer agent service

Security agency services

Scientific or technical consultancy Services

Advertisement for sale of Space or Time Services

Rent a cab Operator Services

Registrar to an issue Services

Recovery Agent Services

Real estate agent services

Rail travel agent Services

Public relations Services

Port Services other than major ports

Major ports Services

Photography services

Pandal or Shamiana Services

Packaging activity services


Outdoor Caterer

Opinion Poll Service

On-line information and database access or retrieval service

Market research agency services

Manpower Recruitment or Supply Agency

Mandap Keeper services

Maintenance or Repair Services

Management Consultant Service

Mailing List Compilation and Mailing services

Life Insurance

Internet telecommunication service

Internet Cafe service

Interior Decorator services

Intellectual Property Service

Health club and fitness Centre services

Insurance business services (general insurance)

Foreign Exchange Broker

Franchise services

Forward Contract Services

Fashion Designer Service

Event Management Service

Erection, Commissioning or Installation Service

Dry Cleaning Services

Dredging Services

Custom House Agent's Services

Credit Rating Agency's Services

Credit Card, Debit Card, Charge Card or Other Payment Cards Related Services

Courier Services

Practicing Cost Accountant service

Convention Services

Consulting Engineering services

Construction of residential complex service

Commercial Training or Coaching Centre

Commercial and Industrial construction service

Club or Association

Clearing and forwarding agent

Cleaning Services in India

Chartered accountants, cost accountants and Company Secretaries

Cable Operator services in India

Business support services in India

Business Exhibition Service

Business Auxiliary Service

Broadcasting Radio and Television Services

Beauty Parlours services in India

Banking and other financial services

Insurance auxiliary services concerning life insurance business

Insurance auxiliary services concerning general insurance business

Authorised Service Stations for Motor Vehicles Servicing or Repairs

Auction services

ATM Operation, Maintenance or Management Services

Architect services in India

Air travel agent and booking services

Advertising Agency Service

Sale of Art Work, Antiques

Sale of Brushes, buttons, crayons, carving materials, brooms

Sale of Toys, sports and games accessories

Sale of Furniture, lamps, bedding, mattress

Arms and ammunition parts, Arms and ammunition accessories payable in India

Sale of Musical instruments, parts and accessories

Sale of watches, clocks, watch parts and clock parts

Sale Medical, Surgical, optical, photographic and cinematographic products

Sale of Boats, floating structures and ships


The details about GST rates for services are mentioned above.  The details of notification changes, GST rate changes and other amendments related to GST are also being updated here soon.  The details furnished above is just for information only. You may reconfirm the authenticity and validity  with the authorities  before proceeding with any business transaction.


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KRAMESH: What it is the applicable rate of GST to Stock Brokers and Commodity Brokers whether 12% or 18%


Darshan bhullar: The services provided by renting a immovable property to bank it falls in which category & what is the limit(like it was 10 lacs)?

janardhan: What is the GST Rate on Commercial Coaching or Training What is the GST Rate on Rent on Immovable Property Services


VIMAL PRAKASH SHUKLA: Dear Sirs, I am working as a Management Consultant in a Limited company since Feb 2017 on Rs 40000/- per month. They are deducting Rs 4000 towards TDS. the net receipt is Rs 36000/- Shall appreciate if you could please let me know the GST will be applicable on this consultancy services. Regards

Arvind kashyap: I just know about the empact or effect of GST on books and educational? materials!!

B A RAJU: Requires SAC codes for Fire Alarm Systems Servicing

Ravi Parkash: GST Rate on Fabrication Knitting Fabric & Laces Cutting

Ajay Maindiratta: Please let me know gstn code and rate for labour charges for changing cloth for sofa.

Sajeev: Hi there, From where to get the GST refund% of different HS codes while exporting...?

adv.Snehal Modi: Dear Sir, Hello, I read your article on paddy milling (job work). It's good one but I wan to discuss that Job work has been defined under section 2 (68) of the CGST Act to mean any treatment or process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered person. Further, under Schedule II (para 3) of the CGST Act, any treatment or process which is applied to another person’s goods is a supply of service. Sir, The rice miller (firm- held GST No.) job work of paddy milling for Agriculturist person (farmer - users unregistered person) for his own paddy then the is it milling of paddy into rice on job work basis, is liable to GST at the rate of 5%, on the processing charges ? Sir, Please study and reply.

LALIT MEHTA: The rate of GST on LED lighting fixtures is 12%. If the job entails supply and fixing of LED light fixtures on a ceiling, what will be the GST rate? 12% or 18% ? The costing od LED fixture is Rs. 3000.00 and fixing cost is Rs 300.00?

KS Rajan: What if any will be GST on Supervising and Operating the LPG Gas Distribution System to an Apartment Complex?

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