There are three methods of quality control and inspection. They are:

1. Consignment-Wise inspection

3 METHODS OF QUALITY CONTROL AND PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION UNDER EXPORTUnder this system, each consignment, in packed condition, is subjected to detailed inspection by the Export Inspection Agencies. They conduct the inspection on the basis of statistical sampling plan. If the goods conform to the stipulated quality, they issue the inspection certificate. The certificate also carries a validity period before which the export consignment must be shipped. In case of consignment-wise inspection, actual export consignment, in packed condition, is taken for inspection.

No consignment of any notified commodity is allowed to be exported without the certificate issued by the recognised inspection agency. This system is applicable to all commodities other than those that undergo in-process quality control. Generally, Small-scale manufacturers who cannot afford to have their own facilities and personnel adopt consignment-wise inspection certificate procedure.

2. In-process Quality Control

Certain commodities like paints and allied products, linoleum, ceramics, printing ink, sanitary wares etc. come under the purview of In-process quality control.

In case of continuous process industries, an option is given to them to become approved "export-worthy" unit, as they possess the requisite infrastructure for manufacturing/processing products of standard quality. This status enables them to conduct inspection and give declaration and based on their declaration, they get inspection certificate.

3. Self-Certification

With the experience gained in operating the compulsory Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection Scheme in India, there has been a qualitative change in the inspection system also. Recently, a self-certification system has been introduced. This is based on the concept that the manufacturing unit which has in-built responsibility for quality control should have the freedom to certify its own product for export.


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