How to find commodity code  to import worked ivory, bone etc and articles thereof. How to get commodity code to export cigarette lighters and other lighters, parts.   HS CODE  9616 stands for which product? Product code 9618 against which commodity? Commodity code 9614 meant for which product?  Export goods code for 9606.  Import goods code for 9602.  Merchandise code for 9604.   Goods code for 9617 for which merchandise?


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HTS code (HS) chapter 96 miscellaneous manufactured articles

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9602  veg molded resin etc carving material, Not elsewhere mentioned in Chapter    



9601  worked ivory, bone etc and articles thereof

9602  veg molded resin etc carving material, Not elsewhere mentioned in Chapter      

9603  brooms, brushes, mops, feather dusters etc

9604  hand sieves and hand riddles

9605  travel sets for personal toilet,etc

9606  buttons, press studs etc, button mold and blanks etc

9607  slide fasteners and parts thereof

9608  pens (ball point, soft tip etc), mech pencils etc, pt

9609  pencils (lead encased), crayons, leads, chalks etc

9610  slates and boards,with writing or drawing surfaces

9611  date sealing or numbering stamps, etc for hand oper

9612  typewriter etc ribbons, inked or prep, ink pads

9613  cigarette lighters and other lighters, parts Not elsewhere mentioned in Chapter      

9614  smoking pipes and bowls, cigar etc holders, and parts

9615  combs, hair-slides etc, hairpins, curling pins etc

9616  scent and similar sprayers etc, powder puffs and pads

9617  vacuum flasks and vessels w cases, pts ex glass inner

9618  tailors' dummies and other mannequins for display


How to import  miscellaneous manufactured articles , worked ivory, bones,cigarette lighters and other lighters, pencils, crayons, leads,vaccum flasks etc


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What is the HS code for pencils (lead encased), crayons, leads, chalks etc? What is HTS code  for slide fasteners and parts thereof?  HS name for combs, hair-slides etc, hairpins, curling pins etc? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of date sealing or numbering stamps, etc for hand oper.  What is the Product code for import of brooms, brushes, mops, feather dusters etc. How to get product code for export of  travel sets for personal toilet,etc.


mounaz: Can someone please help me find the HS codes for: 1- Brass-body women handbags (lined with leather) 2- leather women handbag with brass & nickel accessories 3- leather women handbags with nickel accessories & brass zippers Thank you

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