GST Payment through NEFT RTGS from any bank (including other than authorized banks)

GST Payment through NEFT/RTGS from any bank (including other than authorized banks):

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GST Payment through NEFT RTGS from any bank (including other than authorized banks)The third mode of payment envisaged under the GST regime is OTC payment through all banks including other than authorized banks, i.e., a bank where a tax payer may have account but that bank may not be authorized by the Government to accept GST receipts. The payment through this mode will strictly be a matter of normal banking service of NEFT / RTGS provided by that bank to its customer. The chances of error in this mode are similar to that of any remittance done through NEFT / RTGS. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that CPIN number is correctly mentioned in NEFT / RTGS message. The Committee recommends that this mode being a new mode of remittance should be scaled up gradually starting with a pilot run by RBI. It was informed by RBI that a detailed process flow could be worked out with specific provisions for validations. RBI further informed that this concept was being tested in Karnataka and this experience would be further used for developing this mode of payment. NEFT / RTGS mandate would have the same validity period of seven days as the CPIN and the date upto which it would remain valid would be printed on it. The Committee observed that in this mode of payment, it would not be possible to automatically ensure that a CPIN was not used beyond its validity period of 7 days. It was decided that CPIN once generated and intimated by GSTN to RBI in this mode though will have a validity period of 7 days but would remain live with RBI for a period of 30 days. In case the payment is received after the expiry of the said 30 days, RBI would return the amount to the remitter bank. Beside this, it was also decided that there should be a provision in the GST law whereby any taxpayer using this mode beyond the validity period (seven days) of the CPIN more than two times would be barred by GSTN from availing this mode of payment.


Although the process under this mode will be more or less similar to the OTC payment discussed earlier, but due to involvement of a new stakeholder i.e. a non-authorized bank, certain modifications are required for this process. This process will be beneficial for those taxpayers who do not have a bank account in any of the authorized banks or find such bank to be far away for OTC payment or want to make the payment directly from their account in their own bank only. In this mode, only payment through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) / Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is to be allowed as other payment instruments would require the Central and the State Governments to create accounts with non-authorized banks also which will not be desirable.


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