Functions of GSTN under mode of payment of GST


Functions of GSTN under mode of payment of GST



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Functions of GSTN under mode of payment of GSTIn the framework of GST administration, GSTN is envisaged to be a “pass through portal” that works as a common interface between taxpayers, tax authorities, authorized banks, RBI and accounting authorities. So GSTN will play the following role in this mode of payment:


a) Generation of challan along with CPIN;


b) Facilitating e-payments by providing a linkage to Internet Banking interfaces of authorized banks and payment gateways of authorised banks for CC/DC based payments;


c) Receipt of real time data from IT system (e-FPBs) of each authorized bank regarding successful completion of payment transaction by the taxpayer (CIN);


d) Generating receipt containing BRN No. of collecting bank for taxpayer acknowledging receipt of payment by the bank. A further facility of generating receipt containing RBI’s scroll number for taxpayer would also be provided;


e) Information to the respective Tax Authorities on real time basis for each successful transaction reported by banks. The communication at this stage may contain a minimal set consisting of GSTIN, CIN (i.e. CPIN + Bank Code), BRN(s), Challan amount, break-up of the amount into CGST, IGST, Additional Tax and SGST and date of payment;


f) At EOD, GSTN will also send the details of CPIN generated for the particular day to the Accounting Authority of the Centre (to facilitate estimation of revenue and fund management) and to such State accounting authorities that may so desire;


g) On T+1 morning, GSTN will generate a consolidated file containing a summary as well as entire details of the challans for which successful transactions were reported by the banks on real time basis for the date value of T=0 (for this purpose, daily transactions would include transactions from 20:01 hrs on previous day to 20:00 hrs in the current day). The file will be sent to the respective accounting authorities. At this stage, the challan data will also include CIN (i.e. CPIN + Bank Code) and BRN reported by the banks. GSTN would generate this file on all working days including the days on which no transaction took place;


h) GSTN will receive 39 consolidated e-scrolls from RBI (one each for CGST, IGST and Additional Tax and one each for SGST for each State/UT Govt, see para 26(a) below) on T+1 basis. The contents of the scrolls are mentioned in para 28 below;


i) On receipt of consolidated transaction level e-scrolls from RBI during latter part of the day, GSTN will carry out preliminary system based reconciliation with reference to the successful transactions already reported real time by the banks and consolidated by GSTN as per step (g) above. GSTN will append the RBI scroll Number on each challan and thereafter forward its reconciliation results to the respective accounting authorities;


j) Once the amount reflected in the CIN, received by GSTN from Bank on real time basis, is credited in the cash ledger of the taxpayer, GSTN will lock that CIN to prevent its further usage;


k) Purge all unused CPINs after the expiry of seven days in case of Mode I & II / 30 days in case of Mode III;


l) Receive TAXPAYER master as well as updates thereto from the respective Tax Authorities on real time basis.



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