GST tax accounting code for CGST,SGST,IGST and Additional Tax


What is GST?

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GST tax accounting code for CGST,SGST,IGST and Additional Tax

GST tax accounting code for CGST,SGST,IGST and Additional Tax

A list of sample tax accounting codes under GST is proposed in the table below:-

Serial Number, Type of Tax Liability and Sample Accounting Code serially given below

1  CGST – Tax 00010001

2  CGST – Interest 00010002

3  CGST – Penalty 00010003

4  CGST – Fees 00010004

5  CGST – Other 00010005

6  IGST – Tax 00020001

7  IGST – Interest 00020002

8  IGST – Penalty 00020003

9  IGST – Fees 00020004

10  IGST – Other 00020005

11  SGST- Tax 00030001

12  SGST – Interest 00030002

13  SGST – Penalty 00030003

14  SGST – Fees 00030004

15  SGST – Other 00030005

16  Additional Tax – Tax 00040001

17  Additional Tax – Interest 00040002

18  Additional Tax – Penalty 00040003

19  Additional Tax – Fees 00040004

20  Additional Tax – Others 00040005


The actual accounting codes have to be finalized by CGA in consultation with CAG on the basis of proposals from Tax Authorities.

CGST, IGST and Additional Tax components will be accounted for under Consolidated Fund of India (CFI). Transfers of due IGST amount and Additional Tax to the States can thereafter be made there from as per the existing procedure.

The interest, penalty, fees or other charges, if any, under GST will need to be accounted for separately. Hence, they would be reflected under separate heads in the Tax Payment Challan. 

The IT audit of the process flows and settlement of funds by the FPBs / Link cells with RBI will be conducted periodically by a CERT-IN empanelled agency selected by the office of Pr. CCA, CBEC, or by a designated authority of States/UTs so as to ensure correctness of revenue collections.


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