Import from US to India, Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20

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As per foreign trade policy of India 2015-20, the details about imports from United States are given under:

Imports under Indo-US Memorandum of Understanding


Import from US to India, Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20(a) Import of specified capital goods, raw materials and components, from United States of America (USA) is subject to US Export Control Regulations. US suppliers of such items are required to obtain an export authorisation based on import certificate issued in India. The following are designated Import Certificate Issuing Authorities (ICIA):

(i) Department of Electronics (DoE), for computer and computer based systems

(ii) Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Technical Support Wing (TSW), for organised sector units registered under it, except for computers and computer based systems;

(iii) Ministry of Defence (MoD), for defence related items;



(iv) DGFT for small scale industries and entities not covered above as well as on behalf of any of the above;

(v) Embassy of India, Washington, DC, on behalf of any of the above.


Import from US to India, Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20


(b) Application for an import certificate shall be made in ANF 2K(i). Import certificate in Appendix-2P(Ia) may be issued by ICIA directly to importer with a copy to (i) Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) (AMS Section), New Delhi, (ii) DoE, New Delhi; and (iii) DGFT.

(c) However, this import certificate will not be regarded as a substitute for an import authorisation in respect of items mentioned as restricted in ITC (HS) and an import authorisation will have to be obtained for such items.

(d) India’s import and export with regard to USA’s unilateral export control items [Crime Control (CC) Items as listed in Appendix 2P(iia) and Regional Security (RS) items as listed in Appendix 2P(iib)] will be governed by the following regulations:

Items listed at both Appendix 2P (iia) and Appendix 2P(iib) will be allowed by DGFT for import from USA provided the importer submits the following documents in ANF 2K(i) :

(i) documentary proof of Bill of Lading indicating Port of USA,

(ii) legal undertaking that goods shall not be exported/ alienated; and

(iii) Import is with Actual User condition.

(e) In case the importer wants to subsequently export the imported items from USA,, or any part thereof, such export will require an authorisation from DGFT as per ANF 2K(ii) and Export certificate will be issued in the format Appendix-2P(ib).

(f) Import /export of such items shall be allowed only through EDI enabled ports of India.

The above details are the extract from Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 about import of goods from United States to India.



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