Customs holds and examination in US import customs clearance.

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The following are the major import inspection holds conducted by Customs and Border protection CBP and other government inspection agencies.Who can inspect import cargo in US

1. VACIS exam hold

2. Manifest hold

3. Commercial enforcement hold.

4. Statistical validation hold

6. USDA hold

7. Tail Gate exam hold

7. MET Exam.

8. What is CET or Intensive exam hold


The following US government agencies also can exam goods arriving in US.

1. CBP – US Customs and Border Protection

2. FDA - Food and Drug Administration

3. USDA – US Department of Agriculture (Meat, Plants, produce, )

4. FWS – US Department of Fish and Wildlife

5. ATF – US bureau Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

6. TTB - US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

7. ABC – California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

8. CPSC – US consumer product safety commission

9. FCC - US Federal communications commission

10. DOT – US Department of transportation

11. TSA – US Transportation Security Administration

12. International Trade Agreements by CB

13. US International Trade Administration on Textile Imports

14. FMC – Federal Maritime Commission.

15. IATA – US international Air transport association.

16. US DoS travel warnings.

17. US Harmonized Tariff schedule by chapter

18. US Harmonized Tariff schedule by key words.


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