Consol DO and liner DO

Consol DO and liner DO

 Consol DO and liner DO


What is called Console Delivery Order? How console Delivery Order differs from main carrier Delivery Order? Do Consol DO and Liner DO function same?



What is consol delivery order and what is liner deliver order. What is the difference between consol DO and liner DO.


If a cargo is booked through a consolidator, he re-books the cargo with main carrier to deliver to final destination. The consol agent consigns cargo to his overseas counterpart at final destination of consignee. Once after arrival of cargo at final destination, the counter part office of consolidator collects goods from counterpart office of main carrier and delivers goods to final consignee.


Once the cargo arrived at final destination of port, the main carrier issues a delivery order to the freight forwarder who is the consignee of main carrier. This delivery order is called Liner D.O.


The delivery order issued to consignee by a freight forwarder or consol agent is called consol D.O.


I have explained about the mechanism of HAWB and MAWB in separate article in this website. I have also written a couple of articles about HAWB and MAWB separately in this web blog. You can go through the same to have a clear idea about the difference between Delivery Order issued by a Freight forwarder and Delivery Order issued by a main Carrier of goods.


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laxmikanth: i need the information about one thing, we have 2 import shipments of a same country of single consignee , but one shipment should be cleared & delivered in Chennai & other in Bangalore is it possible, if possible how ?

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Laxmikanth, The consignments have to be import customs cleared at one destination customs location and transport to other location.

Shanika Roshini: Have regularised these Console D/O fee and Liner D/O fee by publishinig standard D/O fees by maritime authoritiies? Are there any countries having standard D/O fees?

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