Advantage of a freight forwarder for exporters and importers


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 Advantage of a freight forwarder for exporters and importers



Are there any advantages of a freight forwarder to exporter or importer? Who is a Freight forwarder? What are the activities of a Freight forwarder? Can a freight forwarder provide better cost of carriage than a main carrier?



Who is a Freight forwarder?



Advantage of a freight forwarder for exporters and importers A freight forwarder is an individual or firm engaged in export import trade services as a third party logistics provider. A freight forwarder is an export in supply chain management. He bridges gap between buyer and seller. In other words, all commercial activities in between the buyer and seller can be under taken by an export freight forwarder. Let the service be as a carrier of goods, warehousing professional, insurance, documentation, stewarding, customs procedures and formalities what ever. A freight forwarder need not be an asset based individual or firm like a ship owner or air craft owner. Freight forwarder bridges gap between buyer and seller.


Advantage of a good freight forwarder for exporters and importers:

Since the freight forwarder act as all-in-one solutions, the buyer or seller, let them be a domestic or international, total solutions on services between buyer and seller are provided.



Most of multinational companies depends freight forwarders to handle their supply chain solutions with a professional freight forwarder. Here the buyer and seller do not have any hassles on the service part of their profession. Here a good freight forwarder really bridges the gap between buyer and seller in the area of all supply chain problems.


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