Freight Forwarder and its Importance



A freight forwarder is an individual or firm engaged in export import trade services as a third party logistics provider. A freight forwarder is an export in supply chain management. He bridges gap between buyer and seller. The service given by a freight forwarder may include, act as a carrier of goods, warehousing professional, insurance, documentation, stewarding, customs procedures and formalities whatever.  In short, a Freight forwarder bridges gap between buyer and seller.

Now, shipping cargo abroad is almost impossible without the ability and advice of an experienced freight forwarder.  A good freight forwarder will save company’s time, money and a lot of problems. The utilization of freight forwarders will help in transport improvement, guaranteeing products are securely conveyed to plan, while minimising related expenses.


Role of Freight Forwarder includes,


  • International freight forwarders are specialized in moving cargo to overseas destinations at the client’s request. They handle the clients supply chain solutions. Here the buyer and seller do not have any hassles on the service part of their profession.
  • Advice on export costs, including freight costs, port expenses, consular fees, special documentation costs, insurance costs and merchandise costs.
  • Picking the right mode of transportation, and transporter for the client. They help the exporter in choosing the most affordable means of freight shipping and bargain for the best cargo shipping rates.
  • The main goal of a forwarding company is to provide reliable freight transportation to any destination at competitive rates.
  • Preparation and presentation of Transport and Trade Documents required for export and import, such as Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, etc.
  • The freight forwarder will review all of the documents to make sure everything is perfect and in order, to avoid any unexpected problems in customs during clearance.
  • Assist in Customs Clearance processes.
  • Handling with customs agents abroad to ensure that goods and documents comply with customs regulations.


 Those said above were some important services given by a freight forwarder.




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