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40’ shipping cargo dry container

In this post I explain about 40’ cargo dry container which includes inner measurement and outer measurement of 40’dry container, volume capacity of Forty foot Equipment Unit, tare weight and loading capacity of 40’ dry shipping container.


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40’ Dry Cargo Container

The size and construction design of containers has been standardized; there can be unit variations within each size and type category and by container owner or operator. For example, two 40-foot dry cargo containers could look the same on the outside but might have different cargo handling capacity on the inside because one container was constructed for handling general cargo loaded onto pallets and the other container was constructed to handle garments on hangers so they can be easily off-loaded and placed immediately on the sales floor at your local clothing store.


What is the dimension of 40’ dry containers?

The dimension of 40 feet dry container (40’ dry container) can be explained as inner dimension and outer dimension.


What is the inner dimensions of 40’dry cargo container (Interior dimension of 40’dry container) ?

The inner dimension of 40’ dry contnr is as follows. (The length, width and height of 40’ dry container in milli meter, meter and feet)

Length = 12030mm (12.03meter or 39’5.2” or 39 feet 5.2 inches)

Width = 2352mm (2.35 meter or 7’8.5” or 7 feet 8.5 inches)

Height = 2395mm (2.39 meter or 7’10” or 7 feet 10 inches)


What is the outer dimension of 40’ dry container (exterior dimension of 40’dry container) ?

The outer dimension of 40’dry cargo container (exterior dimension of 40’ dry container) is as follows:

Length = 12190mm (12.19 meter or 40’ or 40 feet)

Width = 2440mm (2.44 meter or 8’ or 8 feet)

Height = 2590mm (2.59 meter or 8’6” or 8 feet 6 inches)

What is the door width and door height of a 40’dry container in mm, meter and foot?

The door width of 40’dry cargo container is 2340mm (2.340 meter or 7’8” or 7 feet 8 inches)and door height 2280mm (2.280 meter or 7’6” or 7 feet 6 inches).

The cubic volume of a 40 dry foot container?

The cubic volume of a 40’ dry cargo container is 67.2 cubic meter (2,372cu.ft)


What is the Door opening measurement of 40’dry cargo dry container?

Door opening width of a 40’ dry container is 2338mm 2.338meter or 7’8” or 7feet 8inches) and door opening height of 40 feet dry container is 2280mm(2.280meter or 7’6” or 7 feet 6 inches)

Tare Weight of 40 feet dry container?

Tare weight of a 40 foot dry container is 3830 kgs (8,445lbs)


Maximum Pay Load weight of 40’ dry cargo container?

Maximum pay load weight of 40’dry container is 21710 kgs


What is the maximum capacity of 40’ dry container?

Maximum capacity of 40’dry container is 26650 kgs


The information on measurement and weight mentioned may vary slightly from one brand owner to another. Some of the top cargo container owners are NYK, Evergreen, CMA-CGM, Maersk, MSC, Hapag Lloyd, APL, Cosco, Hanjin, CSCL. You may reconfirm exact weight, measurement and other details from container owner or their agent.


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In this post I explained about 40’dry cargo dry container which includes volume capacity of Forty foot Equipment Unit, tare weight and loading capacity of 40’dry shipping container, inner measurement and outer measurement of 40’ dry container.


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