Permission from Atomic Energy department under export import trade

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Certificate from Atomic Energy department to export and import.

Permission from Atomic Energy department under export import tradeImport of radioactive chemical elements and radioactive isotopes including fissile, fertile chemical elements and isotopes and their compounds, mixtures and residues containing these products are restricted by some of the importing countries. Some of such items are allowed to import on the basis of permission from atomic energy department of importing country.


If any products of imports or exports fall under the regulation list of radioactive elements, permission from Atomic Energy Department is required to import or export such goods. Necessary application for certification from Atomic Energy Department has to be filed and to be obtained permission as per specified format insisted by Atomic Energy Department prior to import or export such products.


Such certificate from Atomic Energy Department to export or import has to be enclosed along with other shipping documents at the time of export/import customs location prior to export/import.


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MILIND PANDE: Dear Sir,I have imported radioactive elemet under 28459090. Pl.inform me where to apply for Atomic Energy Department.for NOC.

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