Focus Market Scheme (FMS), any changes in shape under new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20?


Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 and Focus Market Scheme (FMS).  


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Foreign Trade Policy FTP 2014-19The new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 is being declared on 1st April, 2015.

Would you think any changes in shape on Focus Market Scheme FMS under new FOREIGN TRADE POLICY 2015-20?


What is FMS scheme and how does Focus Market Scheme work?


Focus Market Scheme is introduced on 11th September, 2009 with supplement later on 13th October,2011 in annual supplement to Foreign Trade Policy with a vision to support exporters in competing with foreign export market against high freight cost and other externalities.


What are the benefits under Focus Market Scheme FMS?


The exporters of all products to countries, as notified in Appendix 37C of HBP Vol.1 are entitled for Duty Credit Scrip equivalent to 3% of FOB value of exports in free foreign exchange.


As per annual supplement to the Foreign Trade Policy announced by DGFT on 13th October, 2011, SFMS, Special Focus Market Scheme has been introduced by extending 1% duty credit for all exports to 41 countries with effect from 01st April, 2011. This duty credit of 1% is apart from 3% under FMS. In other words, if an exporter effects shipments to the above referred 41 countries listed, duty credit would be 4%.


Who are not eligible for duty credit scrip, under FMS?


Under Foreign Trade Policy 2014-19 notification 93/2009 Cus, supplies made to SEZ units, Service exports,Diamonds and other precious, semi precious stones, gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals in any form, including plain and studded jewelers, Ores and concentrates, of all types and in all forms, Cereals, of all types, Sugar, of all types and in all forms, Crude/petroleum oil and crude/petroleum based products covered under ITC HS codes 2709 to 2715, of all types and in all forms; and Milk and milk products covered under ITC HS codes 0401 to 0406, 19011001, 19011010, 2105 and 3501 are not legible for duty credit scrip under FMS under Foreign Trade Policy.


Let us wait for announcement of new FOREIGN TRADE POLICY 2015-20 to know whether any amendments/changes in FMS/SFMS reward schemes.


Would you like to add more information about FMS reward schemes for exporters under Foreign Trade Policy? Share below your experience in claiming Focus Market Scheme under Foreign Trade Policy.


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Deepti Shinde: Please advise updated list of FOCUS MARKET SCHEME countries

Anil Patel: Does government giving this duty credit over Duty Drawback or any one will be paid? As I am getting 3.3% duty drawback in Ceramic Tiles. Does it mean 3.3%+3% or any one?

Sujeet Singh: Our product HS Code is 90106000 which is cinema screen .I just want to know that we are able to receive focus benefit or not ? Please reply asap

ramesh kumar : Mr Sujeet Singh, kindly Noted also tell me the country of exports. ramesh verma

Vidya: Our company is manufacturing home furnishing / textile products. Would like to know advantage of this scheme and how to apply for focus market scheme.....means all documentation part plus is there anybody who can guide us.... pls.

JAYESH PATEL: does government make any difference in focus market and special focus market scheme ??

Vyjayanthimala: Please advise updated list of Focus market scheme Countries apart from Appendix 37C

Samir Banerjee: We would like to sell (transfer) FMS Scrip. Please let us know the procedure. Also let us know the validity period of FMS Scrip from the date of issue.

Samir Banerjee: What are the documents required to export used personal effects from India to China by Air.

kirti bhalodi: what is benefit we get from focus product scheme.does we get both benefit of duty draw back 1.9% and focus product scheme 7/-Rs on our product HSN code 73181500 bolt. please tell does we get both benefit or not.

Manish: Have more countries been added in list for FMS? If anybody knows this please share here.

Manish: I read FMS is replaced by MEIS. Just want to know updated list of countries...

Udit Kumar: MEIS has three group of countries category Group A) USA, EU and UK (30 countries) Group B) 139 Countries ... country grouping available at DGFT website Group C) 70 Countries (Small and negligible ones).

Pankaj Patil: Our product code is 2207 1090. FMS is applicable or not ?? Or DBK is also applicable or not ??


Anand Sharma: our product code 8303 00 00, please clear DBK allow or not?

Vaishali: Can we transfer our FMS license to any DGFT consultant or any other person? Is there any risk in transfer the Licnse?

Rajiv Ranjan: we are getting the benefit of duty drawback whether FMS /SFMS is addtional benefit. we Export to Columbia. Please suggest... Regards Rajiv Ranjan

SELVA LATHA : I would like to know is there any time period until which, from the date of export made can application for focus market scheme be made with DGFT. Can we apply for FMS for exports made in year 2012/2013/2014 also now.

Nimesh: fms submited errors

ramdas : fms submited getting error in edi shipping bill (y/n) : N Pls advice what will do for getting the fms

hayat: contact for focus/MEIS ADVANCE LIC., EPCG. FPS. FMS, DIGITAL SINGTURE, IEC etc.9312230222

Sushil : Can this be valid for exporting fresh cut flowers to Russia?


k k bhatter: I want to know if there is any Focus Benefit from DGFT for export of Silver goods. Also if there is any drawbacks and incentives form the Govt for export of Silver Articles and Novelties and showpieces.

Shubham Jaiswal: I want to know that how to get export import license

Ravikumar: sir,our product ragi Dosa ready mix,kodu millet dosa ready mix,multi grain dosa ready mix .that product export market how ? which country market that product .how to google search market ? please send our email id thank you

Pravinkumar: Our company exports Control Valve to Leeds, Uk can we avail Focus benefit

Maruti: Sir , We are Textiles Goods Exporters , I would like to know FOCUS MARKET SCHEME still existing for year 2016-17 , 2017-2018 ? Also let me know if any New Schmes available for Textiles Exporters ? Pl advise.

Praveen sahni: I need some refund from FMS

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